Another Woman Defends Herself With a Gun When an Order of Protection Fails to Do the Job

Scott Ingram
Courtesy Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office

Rule of thumb: criminals have little to no regard for authority. Whether it’s laws, police, judges, or the pieces of paper they issue, crooks really couldn’t give a rip what they say, think or do. The criminal element is going to do what they want to whomever they want. Unless, of course, they encounter resistance.

Scott Ingram probably wan’t expecting to run into much resistance when he tried — in violation of an order of protection — to break into a home in Calhoun County, Alabama this week where his ex and her daughter were. But multiple bullet holes and a loss of bodily fluids successfully stopped his home invasion attempt.

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Authorities arrived at the scene and found Ingram, who was shot multiple times. He was immediately transported to a local hospital and his condition is currently being evaluated. The caller and her daughter were found outside the home uninjured.

The preliminary investigation revealed that Ingram attempted to enter the home and was subsequently shot by one of the residents.

It probably shouldn’t have surprised Ingram that his ex had armed herself. This wasn’t the first time he’d displayed his total disregard for the domestic violence order of protection that did virtually nothing to protect his ex.

According to CCSO, Ingram has a lengthy criminal history including four violations of a protection from abuse order, six arrests since 2022 and an active warrant for violation of a protection order issued from earlier Tuesday morning. Ingram was out on bond from a previous violation of a protection order from late last year.

In other words, Ingram has a long, demonstrated history of failing to yield to laws, cops, judges, and the orders they issue. That’s why people such as his ex wife — and millions of others who possess a clear-eyed view of such things — have chosen to arm themselves. They choose to have the means to protect themselves against violent serial offenders like Scott Ingram.

The only question now is, once he’s sewn up and heals, how many more times will he be released on bond after again violating a domestic violence order of protection? Or will the court not be satisfied until his ex is taking up space in the morgue?

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