A Few Words on SNW’s Comment Policy

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First…good news! We’ve finally got post comments enabled here along with a number of other features that make both writing and reading a better experience. There are more to come, but this is progress worth mentioning. We appreciate your patience. Now that comments are working, the question that immediately follows in most people’s minds is […]

EDC Excellence: The Benchmade 533 Mini Bugout Folding Knife

If you’re a knife knut, the worst feeling in the world — without question — is standing in front of that grey plastic bin at a TSA checkpoint, tossing in your phone, your wallet, your watch, your belt, and your shoes…and feeling your EDC knife still in your pocket. That’s when the horror dawns on […]

A Year With The Smith & Wesson M&P 10mm

In mid-to-late 2022, the 10mm round experienced a renaissance of sorts. It seemed like everyone was offering something chambered in .40 S&W Magnum. Hunters, people who hike in areas with bears and cougars, and people just looking for more power than most mainstream semi-auto handgun rounds were all giving the full centimeter a second look. […]

Treasury Secretary Dodges Questions on Feds Spying on Americans’ Financial Activity

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen couldn’t – or wouldn’t – tell Congress whether or not her department ordered financial institutions to spy on the transactions of private and law-abiding citizens. The Treasury Department is suspected of telling large financial institutions to hand over transaction information of any potential purchases of firearms, ammunition or purchases at sporting goods […]