A Few Words on SNW’s Comment Policy

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First…good news! We’ve finally got post comments enabled here along with a number of other features that make both writing and reading a better experience. There are more to come, but this is progress worth mentioning. We appreciate your patience.

Now that comments are working, the question that immediately follows in most people’s minds is usually what’s considered okay and what’s over the line. If you’ve followed us at that other web site where many of us used to bang our keyboards, you know that we’ve always taken a generally hands-off approach to post comments. We think an open, free-flowing exchange of ideas is a good thing.

That being said, we have some filters built into the comment section that attempt to keep things clean, civil, and reasonable. They include many obvious words that we’re sure we don’t have to detail here. If you include those terms in your posts, they’ll hang up for moderation. We don’t edit moderated posts, we just delete them. If your post doesn’t show up after being held, you’ll know why.

The goal here is to keep the comments relevant to the post in question and on-topic. We’ve never had to delete many posts and don’t want to do that going forward here. You can help us out by keeping your comments applicable to the post where you’re commenting and avoiding attacks and flame wars involving people with whom you disagree. That just clogs up the comment section. It’s also crushingly boring and tiresome.

So…have at it. Have fun. Speak your mind. Make the comments here the entertaining, informative resource we know they can be. And thanks for reading.

5 Responses

  1. Personally, I think it best to keep comments clean out of respect for the female readers and at the same time avoid giving the left any ammo.q

  2. Can you not give John Bosch another platform to spread his fuddisms and fantasies? Or at least tell him he has to leave Illinois before he can write for SNW.

    1. As far as I’m concerned, if SNWS wants to hire Bosch’s writing talent and he’s not contractually-tied to ‘the old place’, I would like to his musings here.

      There were authors ‘back there’ I simply didn’t bother to read.

      Zero reason why that strategy wouldn’t work here…

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