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Dan Z. for SNW

Maybe no other gun manufacturer is doing more to promote and improve the experience of gun ownership than SIG SAUER. Their Rose program isn’t just women-oriented guns and gear, but also a series of training courses and seminars that range from in-store “experiences” to weekends at luxurious resorts designed to get women who may be reluctant over the hesitancy hump and comfortable with the idea of owning and carrying a gun.

They’ve also started up the SHOOT SIG competition program for shooters of all levels, scheduling competitive matches held around the country.

Their latest move, designed to make training more fun and effective, is SIG CONNECT. SIG’s Albert Mitchell ran a series of demonstrations of the SIG CONNECT system at NRA Dallas, showing how the average shooter can use and benefit.

The SIG CONNECT system has two features, one that’s geared more toward shooting ranges and another, with a downloadable smart phone app, that’s going to appeal to a lot of average gun owners.

Dan Z. for SNW

The system that will probably sold to ranges as a feature for their customers features these special T300 smart system targets. It uses a range of “smart targets” which are paper sandwiched around a conductive material that senses hits and feeds back to your tablet or phone.

SIG CONNECT T300 target system

The T300 “holder” is $299 and a 5-pack of T300 targets runs $29.99.

As SIG advertises it . . .

SIG CONNECT brings an entire ecosystem of smart target and shooting technology, along with premium education and training right to your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. The SIG Connect line of smart targets combined with the SIG CONNECT App allows you to analyze and improve your performance in real-time, shoot competitively against others in the SIG CONNECT community, or tackle one of the many shooting challenges. The SIG CONNECT App also puts an entire library of SIG SAUER Academy skill-building lessons, drills, and exclusive content right at your fingertips. Download the free SIG CONNECT App to your mobile device/tablet or access it through any computer.

You can certainly buy your own T300 and use it at the range, but that may be more than a lot of people want to spend. If that’s you, SIG has you covered.

SIG CONNECT NRA demonstration
SIG CONNECT demonstration (Dan Z. for SNW)

SIG CONNECT also has a simpler system that takes advantage of your smart phone’s camera. You can download the SIG Connect app for free and print out targets on standard 8½x11 paper at home. Then just put your phone on a tripod and you’re ready to go.

SIG CONNECT training app

It gives you all kinds of feeback on a range of data like split times, group size and more. As SIG says, your favorite new range tool is already in your pocket.


It can be used inside or out and looks like a great way to get the feedback you need to measure and improve your shooting. We’ll be testing the system out. Stay tuned for more.



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