Shooting the FK BRNO PSD, the ‘Affordable’ 7.5 FK Hunting Pistol [Video]

Firing the extremely powerful 7.5 FK round, which is most comparable to a 9×25 Dillon (itself a necked-down 10mm Auto) and the 7.5 FK Field Pistol from FK BRNO from the Czech Republic is…unique. This is a massive handgun that carries with it a massive price tag of $7,500.

In order to appeal to the niche market of handgun hunters who want one of these big boys, but desire a more approachable price tag, FK BRNO released the PSD, seen here.

The FK PSD’s MSRP is a mere $1,650, which certainly gets you into firing the also-expensive 7.5 FK round from a far more affordable gun than the Field Pistol. How does it shoot? What do you get for your grand-and-a-half? Check out the video HERE or embedded above.


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  1. That link says $2k and $4+ per round. Ouch. I thought this would be a hit in brown bear country. It also comes with a caliber change kit to shoot 10mm and 40, or optionally 9mm.

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