Treat MN Anti-Gun Senator (and Alleged Burglar) Like She Treats Gun Owners – Like Criminals

Minnesota DFL Senator Nicole Mitchell
Minnesota DFL Senator Nicole Mitchell

From the CCRKBA . . .

Minnesota DFL Senator Nicole Mitchell, who’s facing a serious burglary charge, should be treated with the same suspicion her record suggests she treats gun owners—like criminals—the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said.

Mitchell is due in court June 10 as the result of her arrest by Detroit Lakes police for burglary. Published reports say she was apprehended inside her step-mother’s home at about 4:45 a.m. April 22, allegedly taking things belonging to her late father.

“Senator Mitchell has supported restrictive gun control measures as though she believes every gun owner is a potential criminal or crazy person,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “She supports restricting the rights of law-abiding Minnesota gun owners who have committed no crime, and she now stands accused of actually committing a felony. The irony here is staggering.

Minnesota DFL Senator Nicole Mitchell
Minnesota DFL Senator Nicole Mitchell (center, via X)

“Felony burglary is a serious offense,” he continued. “It’s the sort of thing for which someone might get justifiably shot by a legally-armed homeowner. It’s no wonder why she wants to disarm Minnesota residents.”

Gottlieb also pointed to other Minnesota Senate Democrats who are rejecting demands that Mitchell be barred from voting until an ethics investigation is completed. Democrats argue nothing should happen before Mitchell has had due process.

“Shouldn’t that same standard apply to anyone disarmed by a red flag complaint,” he questioned. “We haven’t seen the DFL raising due process concerns about mandating laws that infringe on people’s Second and Fourth Amendment rights.

“If Senator Mitchell deserves the benefit of doubt, so does every honest gun owner in Minnesota,” he said. 

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  1. Now that pic is a *classic* example of a ‘resting bitch face’ if I’ve ever seen one.

    Yeech. (Add to Dictionary).

    Now, this tid-bit is interesting :

    “Mitchell served in the U.S. Air Force Reserve and assigned to the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron at Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi, as an aerial reconnaissance weather officer. Mitchell is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air National Guard, commanding the 126th Weather Flight.”

    As she’s an officer, I wonder what her commanding officer thinks about her felony arrest… 😉

    1. Same Mitchell? How do you serve at ANG Mississippi and legislate in Minnesota? I’m perplexed.

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