Symbolism Over Substance: Another Chicago Gun ‘Buyback’

Symbolism over substance. That’s what you get from the incompetent idiocracy that runs Murder City, USA, also known as Chicago. This weekend they hosted yet another gun buyback. You know, those events that are supposed to take guns out of the hands of criminals, but really just collect old, obsolete junk from the law-abiding in a feel-good, media-directed endeavor that makes exactly no one safer or more secure.

That didn’t stop Chicago PD from bragging about the guns they’d taken off the hands of residents for the measly bounty of $100 each, proving once again that fools and their money are soon parted. Sadly, those who traded their personal security for $100 in cash deserve the consequences of their ill-informed decision to participate.

Some of the “guns of choice” used by gang bangers in Chicago to commit crimes. Just kidding. They’re really some of the obsolete junk turned in by law-abiding Chicago residents. (Image by Chicago PD via X)

Take a second glance at the ratio of real guns to fake guns the CPD collected. Goodness. Ninety-five “replica” firearms and only 229 real guns? Obviously Guns Save Life didn’t show up for this party.

Why wasn’t Guns Save Life there? First of all, Chicago was only offering $100 per gun when downstate communities pay twice that or more. Not only that, but the Land of Lincoln now has new laws banning private transfers of firearms. Meaning GSL doesn’t accept “donations” of clunkers any longer. Not that LEOs haven’t tried to catch us in sting operations.

Some of Chicago’s gun “buyback” haul. Do those look like the guns used by gang bangers to shoot up Murder City, USA? (Image via X)

And the comments posted at X pretty much rake CPD over the coals. For example:

Actually, it was $100 per clunker, but still. And the excitement of the officers tasked with this detail to “make the community safer” was infectious.

Chicago Police image (via X)

Once again it shows that Chicago’s bumbling political leadership values symbolism over substance when it comes to reducing violent crime in America’s biggest outdoor shooting gallery.


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