When You Really Want to Murder a Murder of Crows

black crow bird

Crow hunting is a blast. Not that I would know first-hand because I have never been. But I’ve heard it is a helluva time. Several years ago when I was working at a Gander Mountain store in Utica, Michigan, one of the managers told a story about hunting crows that has stuck with me ever […]

Symbolism Over Substance: Another Chicago Gun ‘Buyback’

Symbolism over substance. That’s what you get from the incompetent idiocracy that runs Murder City, USA, also known as Chicago. This weekend they hosted yet another gun buyback. You know, those events that are supposed to take guns out of the hands of criminals, but really just collect old, obsolete junk from the law-abiding in […]

It’s Still a Thing: Shooting The Original Smith & Wesson M&P40

Just over 18 years ago, I joined a number of writers on a trip to the Smith & Wesson factory for the introduction of a new law enforcement pistol. The first of a line of newly manufactured “Military & Police” branded handguns, it was a striker-fired semi-auto chambered for the .40 S&W cartridge. Why the .40? […]

Franklin Armory Shocks the World by Announcing Their New Trinary Firing System

Franklin Armory is proud to announce the all new Trinary Firing System!!! All the same features of Franklin Armory’s patented Binary Firing System, but with the AMAZING capability to fire an additional single round when you pull the trigger again!!! But that’s not all…watch the video to learn more about the revolutionary new Trinary Firing […]

Doubling Down on Failure: NYC to Deploy Flawed AI System to Detect Guns in Subways

New York City will soon start testing out technology that uses AI to detect guns at subway turnstiles, Mayor Eric Adams said on Thursday. Adams’ announcement comes one week after an altercation at a subway station in Brooklyn in which a man was shot with his own gun after pulling it on another passenger. Adams said the city is […]