Franklin Armory Shocks the World by Announcing Their New Trinary Firing System

Franklin Armory is proud to announce the all new Trinary Firing System!!! All the same features of Franklin Armory’s patented Binary Firing System, but with the AMAZING capability to fire an additional single round when you pull the trigger again!!! But that’s not all…watch the video to learn more about the revolutionary new Trinary Firing System.

Are you ready…???

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  1. “Franklin Armory Shocks the World Announcing…”

    Literal click-bait titles like that really pisses me off.

    If you see words like ‘Shocks’ or ‘Stuns’ or ‘Horrifying’ or ‘Terrifying’ in the title of a link, whatever they’re selling is crap. Quality products don’t need deceptive click-bait titles… 🙁

      1. Don’t feel too bad Geoff, we all get got now and again. If it’s any consolation, be glad we’re still not the leftist eurotopia that miner et al. are dreaming about, and folks can legally write things like that to tease us. Totalitarianism is no joke–eventually, even the funsters get hauled away.

        1. They pushed all the right buttons on that one, I admit.

          I fvcking *despise* click-bait videos…

  2. The video is a how-to for a binary trigger 3-shot burst- pull/release/pull(don’t release).

    Now you know…

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