Self Defense: 15-Year-Old Kills Father After He’d Shot at His Mother

(courtesy CBS News)

A man with murderous intent tried to kill his wife in Rock Cave, West Virginia last week. He might have also been after his sons as well. While the wife and son #1 fled the home after dear ol’ dad fired a shot at the wife with a 12-gauge shotgun, son #2 grabbed his 20-gauge shotgun and retreated to an upstairs bedroom.

The angry Maxwell Laham pursued his son upstairs, shotgun in hand. When he cornered the son, the 15-year-old young man fired. Mr. Laham senior was hit in the chest and died at the scene.

KDKA News covered it:

A 15-year-old boy shot and killed his father in self-defense after the man fired a shotgun at the boy’s mother and then pointed the weapon at him, West Virginia State Police said Thursday.

Maxwell Laham’s wife and one child fled after he fired at her with a 12-gauge shotgun Wednesday night, according to state police called to the scene in Rock Cave.

Laham’s teenage son, who was still in the house, took a 20-gauge shotgun and fled upstairs, the state police statement said. Laham followed his son and pointed his firearm at him, and the son fatally shot his father once in the chest, police said.

My BuckHannon News had more:

The State Police said the incident had been turned over to the Upshur County Prosecuting Attorney. As of Thursday morning, no arrests had been logged in either the regional jail or magistrate court, according to online records.

“This information has been relayed to the Upshur County Prosecuting Attorney,” the release states. “The status of this investigation is active and ongoing.”

It’s a terrible family tragedy, but it illustrates, once again, that when seconds count, police are just minutes away. This case involving Mr. Laham shows once more how the only thing that stops a bad person with evil in their heart is a good guy with a gun.

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  1. I’ve got twenty bucks that says alcohol was involved with dad’s attitude…

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