Pro Tip: Don’t Take Personal Defense Advice from ‘The Atlantic’

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Like many “gone woke, goin’ broke” media outlets loved by the Left, The Atlantic can consistently be counted on to grace it’s dwindling readership with gems of anti-gun bigotry and buffoonery. Unlike most of the others, it’s backed by the billions of Steve Jobs’ widow, so they’re not likely to feel the effects of the […]

Southern Tactical’s Vz. 61…A Faithful Recreation

I’m a big fan of weird guns and the .32 ACP cartridge. Ever since I was a kid, I have been captured by the appearance of the Vz. 61 Skorpion. I remember it as the Klob in Goldeneye and have seen it in numerous films and TV shows. When I got into guns, I remember […]

Self Defense: 15-Year-Old Kills Father After He’d Shot at His Mother

A man with murderous intent tried to kill his wife in Rock Cave, West Virginia last week. He might have also been after his sons as well. While the wife and son #1 fled the home after dear ol’ dad fired a shot at the wife with a 12-gauge shotgun, son #2 grabbed his 20-gauge […]

Thinking of Buying a Suppressor? Form 4 Wait Times are Down…WAY Down

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If you go to the ATF web site to see how long it’s currently taking them to process a Form 4, this is what you’ll see (at least as of today): If you’re not a buyer of NFA-regulated items like suppressors, you may think, ‘Huh, under three months isn’t too bad.’ But we’d heard that […]

Pima County, AZ Tries – Again – To Defy the State’s Preemption Law

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In the latest of a series of challenges by Pima County politicians to Arizona’s relatively robust protections for self-defense rights, county supervisors earlier this month voted to penalize gun owners who don’t quickly report the loss or theft of a firearm to police. Each violation would draw a potential fine of $1,000, seemingly putting the […]