The Dirty Truth Hollywood Doesn’t Want To Talk About in Their Latest ‘Gun Safety’ Campaign

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Who better than Hollywood to preach the gospel of gun safety?

Great news! Hollywood has a new gun control message campaign that can get you and/or your kids killed. CNN informed its dozens of viewers about Brady latest stunt to encourage Americans to neuter themselves against criminal attack. They call the campaign “Show Gun Safety.” In a nutshell, it might as well be called “Lock up your personal defense tools.”

Brady United is the brain trust behind this latest agitprop masquerading as good advice.  But what would you expect from an organization that used to be known as Handgun Control, Inc. and before that the National Coalition to Control Handguns?

Nevermind that locking up your safety can make you and/or members of your family deader than organ donors.

Here’s the CNN agitprop piece (is it any wonder why they have to pay airports to show their broadcasts?):

An elite police tactical officer comes home after an exhausting shift.

Oooh! He’s “elite.” Elite like that DEA agent featured in that viral video?  The only one who’s professional enough to shoot himself in a classroom full of kids?

He and his wife begin sharing details of their respective day – the cop recounting a harrowing moment saving the life of a woman and her child.

But before officer Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson settles in, he has an important stop to make. Hondo heads to the bedroom closet, removes his semi-automatic service weapon, and safely locks it away in his gun safe.

This scene is much more than a brief pause in the non-stop action on the hit CBS television show “S.W.A.T.,” rather, the intentional result of a new partnership between Hollywood and safety advocates to help save lives in an era of seemingly endless gun violence.
“Hit” CBS show? Is there any series on broadcast TV that could remotely be considered a hit? Anyway . . .

“I’m big badass Hondo, and I get out there and take down bad guys,” actor Shemar Moore, who plays Hondo, told CNN. “But when I come home…I own a firearm, but it’s safe, it’s protected.”

Hondo’s a big badass? He’s an actor playing a make-believe character and he’s dispensing advice that can get people killed.

Shemar Moore as Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson in “S.W.A.T.” – Bill Inoshita/Sony Pictures Television/CBS

But just like you don’t take heart or brain surgery advice from characters from Chicago Med or Doogie Houser, MD, you shouldn’t get your gun safety advice from some actor who plays a make-believe cop on a TV show that’s seen each week by nursing home residents.

Why is taking gun safety advice from some guy wearing a Seattle Fire Department jacket or Hondo the Clown incredibly dangerous and a really bad idea?

Because victims don’t get to choose when or where they will come under attack by criminals and lunatics. And when criminals attack, seconds count.

Accessing a gun safe takes time. When a bad guy can easily cover 21 feet in a second and a half, having a gun a minute away probably means you’re fighting empty-handed.  And most of us don’t have black belts in Krav Maga – and I don’t mean the McDojo version of Krav.

Doubt the need for access to firearms by responsible family members? Let’s look at two recent cases and remember a quote gun control advocates love to use, “If it saves just one life….”

In the case we covered from Charlotte, North Carolina, an 11-year-old with the heart of a lion accessed his pregnant mom’s gun and shot a man who was strangling her. He shot his mom’s attacker repeatedly, in fact, ending the attack.

Contrast that with another brave 11-year-old named Jayden Perkins in Chicago. While both young men were brave, Jayden didn’t have access a firearm to thwart his mom’s attacker.   He courageously came to his mom’s defense against a crazed lunatic ex-boyfriend who was stabbing her. Unfortunately, thanks in part to gun control laws in Illinois, brave young Jayden Perkins didn’t have access to a gun.  He was no match for an adult thug just released from prison still angry about his breakup with the woman fifteen years earlier.  “Just released” as in turned loose hours before.

The crazed felon and parolee stabbed Jayden in the chest, severing his carotid artery and killing him.

His brave actions gave the mom time to barricade herself in a bathroom. The attacker couldn’t break into the bathroom and left the scene, believing the ex-girlfriend would die from where he’d slashed her throat. She didn’t, but she remains in critical condition.

CWB Chicago has more:

Jayden Perkins was murdered Wednesday morning while trying to save his mother from her ex-boyfriend, a violent man with a long criminal history who forced his way into their Edgewater home with a knife less than 24 hours after being released from prison.

Prosecutors revealed details of the 11-year-old’s death and the vicious stabbing of his mother during a detention hearing for Crosetti Brand, the 37-year-old parolee charged with the attack.  . . .

In January, [Crosetti] Brand texted a threat to Jayden’s mom and family, then rang her doorbell and pulled on her front door the next day, according to the proffer. Jayden’s mom contacted the parole board about the incident, and they sent him back to prison. But not for long.

Just a few weeks later, on Tuesday, the state again released Brand with another warning about the active order of protection, prosecutors said. Authorities also notified Jayden’s mom that he was getting out.

At 7:46 a.m., Jayden’s mom was talking with her mother on the phone as he and his 6-year-old half-brother got ready for school in their apartment in the 5900 block of North Ravenswood. Preparing to leave with the kids, she unlocked the door. Brand was on the other side.

Prosecutors said he forced his way through the doorway and began stabbing the woman. She repeatedly screamed for him to stop, using his nickname: “No, CO!” According to the proffer, the woman’s mother heard her daughter’s screams until the phone disconnected.

Jayden tried time and time again to help his mom. Brand stabbed him in the chest, severing the child’s carotid artery, prosecutors said. She managed to lock herself in a bathroom. He tried, but failed, to kick in the door.

“Oh, that seldom happens,” say advocates for victim disarmament. Heck, Shannon Watts says defensive gun uses are, fantasy stories at best and illegal at worst.

Everytown for Gun Safety safe gun storage campaign
This Everytown campaign would have you keep home defense guns locked up and virtually useless in an emergency.

Tell that to the law-abiding family who at the time lived in Merced, California that probably still grieves the loss of two of their children at the hands of a naked lunatic with a pitchfork.  The parents kept their guns all locked up like Hondo the badass, leaving their kiddos defenseless against a maniac.  The New York Post had that one . . .

A naked madman who “hated children” burst into an isolated California farmhouse and brutalized five kids, slaying two of them with a pitchfork before cops broke in and shot him dead.

Sheriff’s deputies stormed the house and shot Jonathon David Bruce 13 times after three of the youngsters escaped through a window, ran to a neighbor’s home and dialed 911.

“He looked possessed,” Anna Carpenter, 13, said yesterday, as she described how Bruce turned her home into a house of horrors, slaughtering her younger brother and sister.

“It’s such a shock,” said her father, John Carpenter. “You keep pinching yourself. I gotta wake up.”

Authorities said there’s no connection between Bruce, 27 – who had a 1999 arrest for drugs and fighting with cops – and the Carpenter family, and couldn’t find a reason why he broke into their home.

Ann Adams, a one-time neighbor of Bruce, said the former telemarketer hated kids – and often yelled at his girlfriend’s three children.

In many deep blue locations, not only does 911 not always answer, but in the case of Chicago, almost half of the time they don’t have police available to respond to even the highest priority 911 calls.

Image by GSL Defense Training / Boch

Millions of American families have kids old enough and responsible enough to have access to the family firearms in case of a worst-case scenario. Locking up one’s safety tools remains a foolish and imprudent thing to do unless it’s required to keep firearms inaccessible to unauthorized persons.

The only thing more foolish and imprudent than locking them up for no good reason is not owning any at all…betting your life on 911 answering your call and police being available to respond promptly.

The author with a young woman who would do just fine against a lunatic attacking her family’s home. Image by GSL Defense Training.

Ready access to a gun can make a life-and-death difference for a homeowner and his and/or her family members. Even without training, the average person can do okay with a gun. Muzzle end toward the bad guy, then pull the trigger. With a modicum of training, people young and old can very capably defend themselves and their families from violent attack, responding in moments, not waiting minutes.

It’s a shame Hollywood chooses not to profile instances where good people use guns to defend themselves and their families from lunatics trying to attack or kill them. After all, there are over 1.6 million defensive gun uses in America every single year. Each one represents an assault, robbery, rape, or murder that were prevented. That would make for some dramatic TV and movies. But it would destroy the dominant gun control narrative they’ve worked so long and hard to craft out of thin air.

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  1. I’m looking forward to Hollywoods anti-grooming campaign after Quiet on Set calls them all out as pedos.

    1. Shire-man,

      It would simply be “of a piece” with Hollywood touting their alleged disgust over sexual abuse and predation – while rewarding Harvey Weinstein with millions of dollars and support and adulation. Leftists aren’t required to be honest, or act or argue in good faith, or remain consistent in their (so-called) “principles” – they have “good intentions” . . . just ask them.

  2. I have no problem with a campaign suggesting all of this. People are (and should remain) free to make their own risk assessments re: to themselves and their families. I’ve been in homes with empty nesters where there was a loaded gun within a few steps everywhere in the house; this seems to be a thing in the South and West and has probably been handed down for generations. But I’d turn my nose up at that same approach with lots of small children about unless there were specific circumstances e.g. a recent hurricane with looters about. People can carry in the house, but few will sling a rifle or shotgun 24/7. Safeties, weapon status (leaving the mag out), and education are key to prevent NDs, not locking them away in separate containers.

    As for the comments by Shannon Watts and others, they’re also free to speak their mind, but they all have an agenda beyond simple safety (whether they say it out loud or not).

    1. “I have no problem with a campaign suggesting all of this.”

      Same here.

      Mandating it with ‘safe storage’ laws goes too far and was specifically ruled unconstitutional in the watershed ‘Heller v. D.C.’ SCotUS decision of 2008 :

      “On June 26, 2008, the Supreme Court affirmed by a vote of 5 to 4 the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit in Heller v. District of Columbia.[4][5] The Supreme Court struck down provisions of the Firearms Control Regulations Act of 1975 as unconstitutional, determined that handguns are “arms” for the purposes of the Second Amendment, found that the Regulations Act was an unconstitutional ban, and struck down the portion of the Act that requires all firearms including rifles and shotguns be kept “unloaded and disassembled or bound by a trigger lock”. Prior to this decision, the law at issue also restricted residents from owning handguns except for those registered prior to 1975.”

      And yet, they keep right on passing those declared unconstitutional ‘safe storage laws’…

  3. First, we have this, from the linked CNN piece :

    “We lose eight kids a day in this country — a uniquely American epidemic — to family fire,” Kris Brown, president of Brady United, told CNN. “That’s because of firearms in the home that are not safely stored.”

    2920 times a year, eh?

    Then, we have this, from ‘Everytown’ :

    “We have broken yet another devastating record. In 2023, there were at least 411 unintentional shootings by children across the country—the highest number recorded since we began tracking these horrific, preventable incidents in 2015.”

    Are they lying now, or lying then?

    When all you do is lie, you can’t keep your stories straight. You will. eventually, get caught.

    Here’s another from Dirk’s dream girl, Shannon Watts :

    “Defensive gun use is rare. The data gun extremists use to cite “millions of defensive uses” came from a phone survey not meant for national extrapolation, and that used the same methodology as a study that found 20M Americans have been contacted by aliens.”

    Huh, I have done that twice. *Two Fvcking Times*!

    The first time, someone was climbing in my car while talking really fast about how I was gonna drive him somewhere (yeah, *right*, that ain’t happening) at a traffic light (I was stupid for not locking the passenger door, I make sure now), the second time, about 2 miles away and 5 years from the first time, a guy entered a house I was renovating and began advancing towards me while jabbering a mile a minute.

    In the first instance, as soon as he saw my Glock 23 in .40 S&W being drawn from under the driver’s seat, he nearly levitated getting out as fast as he could, the second time, when motor-mouth saw the six-shot Rossi in my hand and heard me say in a very stern voice “You need to leave the house.” he *instantly* pivoted 180-degrees and got the hell out of there as fast as they could.

    Thinking about both times right now while writing this, I think the super-fast-talking they were doing was a tactic they were employing, designed to confuse me just enough so they could get close enough to me to attack? I wonder…

    POTG, any idea if that’s what they were actually doing? Either way, boy-howdy was I ever glad I was carrying both days so I didn’t get to find out for myself. 🙁

    1. We lose 2,813 children every day in this country due to a uniquely liberal/progressive democrat policy. Abortion resulting in 1,026,690 deaths in 2026.

      1. I have a very cold view on abortion. While I believe it is murder, far more Leftist Scum ™ are doing it compared to conservatives.

        Therefore, I fully support government funding of abortions for the Leftist skank who spread at the drop of a hat.

        “It’s not nice, but reality. Bury my heart at Wounded Knee”…

    1. “Judge orders FBI to hand over trans school shooter Audrey Hale’s manifesto”

      About fvcking time, I say…

    2. “Join Fox News for access to this content”

      Ah, no.

      Could you kindly provide the gist of the story?

  4. There is a lot of false and bogus and disingenuous from Brady United, EveryTown, GVA, Moms Demand Action … and the other anti-gun (most regurgitated false and bogus and disingenuous stuff created by the larger anti-gun orgs)

    But sometimes, something from their false and bogus and disingenuous stands out and its so obvious its false that it seems believable but in reality its not true. One such things is this from the linked CNN article: “We lose eight kids a day in this country — a uniquely American epidemic — to family fire,’ Kris Brown, president of Brady United, told CNN. ‘That’s because of firearms in the home that are not safely stored.’ ”

    That is a flat out lie. And the use of his ‘kids’ is the disingenuous generalization they are using now to get around the fact they were caught in their previous lie using the term ‘children’ because they included adults age 18 and over in their numbers and called them ‘children’ thus their lie that guns are the number one cause of death in children (note: its still car accidents as the number one cause of death of children, just like it has been for the last 60 years). The use of ‘kids’ is an attempt to continue that lie and you find this when you start digging into their so called ‘data’, 8 per day is vastly over-inflated. There is actually no certain direct definition of what ‘kids’ are in terms of humans, its a generalization that’s used to imply, but the CDC implies that ‘kids’ are children who need care and support.” Children are not adults, age 18 and over are directly defined as adults under law and treated as such by law, and the CDC and U.S. government.

    Using his ‘kids’ thing … Collectively, in reality, In the last 20 years (because that’s as far back as I looked right now) for all 50 states reported, there have been less than 300 who have died “because of firearms in the home that are not safely stored’ actually reported as a ’cause’ of the death.

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