Gear Review: Benchmade Shootout OTF Auto Knife

I’ve never been a fan of out-the-front knives. Yes, they’re kinda cool, but they tend to be more on the “tactical” side than the knives I like for everyday carry. Most of the best have double-edge dagger blades, they’re pricier than most EDC blades and they tend to freak out the muggles when you deploy […]

Do You Use AirTags to Guard Your Gear? Would You?

  The popularity of Apple AirTags and similar Bluetooth trackers has exploded since they became available. They’re a simple way to keep tabs on your property and other things you care about. My Labrador has one in his collar. You can get one for your keychain. With an adhesive mount, lots of people keep one […]

Metzl: Don’t Underestimate the Psychic Power Guns Hold Over Mere Mortals

Jonathan M. Metzl

After years of interviews for the book, I have seen how owning a gun can make people more conservative, and more concerned that liberals will impose laws that leave them unprotected. I spoke to one man who was an “anti-gun liberal” for the first 35 years of his life. Then he started carrying a gun […]