Murder Victim Shoots Attacker Before Dying, Passerby Picks Up the Gun & Shoots the Killer ‘Multiple’ Times

Quijuan Lewis (mages courtesy IDOC)

A wild story from Chicago this past week as cops say 20-year-old Quijuan Lewis ambushed a 36-year-old man walking down the street. Lewis, recently paroled on a (go figure) gun conviction, allegedly shot and killed Delegance Crawl, 36. Before he died, Mr. Crawl did the only polite thing he could: he shot Lewis. But wait, it gets better.

Lewis, who stands 6’3″ and weighs 300 pounds, hobbled into a nearby convenience store and stashed his piece behind some bags of chips in a display.  Meanwhile, someone who witnessed the attack grabbed Mr. Crawl’s gun and followed Lewis into the convenience store.

Unable to hobble very quickly, much less run, Lewis failed to elude his pursuer. The passerby shot Crawl in the butt “multiple times” before running away, according to police.

Cops found the murder weapon behind the chips and charged Lewis with first-degree murder.

CWB has the story:

Quijuan Lewis, a 20-year-old on parole for less than two months for a gun conviction, got out of a car and crouched behind a vehicle as the victim, 36-year-old Delegance Crawl, walked down the street, prosecutors said in a detention petition.

Crawl was walking and looking at his phone when Lewis jumped out from behind the vehicle and attacked him, the petition said. Lewis allegedly struck Crawl in the head with a gun multiple times as they fought on the street. Crawl eventually pulled out his own gun.

Ultimately, prosecutors say, Lewis shot Crawl in the back of the head. And Crawl shot Lewis in the leg. As Crawl lay gravely wounded, Lewis ran to a nearby gas station for help and stashed his gun in a potato chip display, according to police and prosecutors.

Back at the shooting scene, a passerby who has not been identified picked up Crawl’s gun from beside his motionless body and marched over to the gas station. They used Crawl’s gun to shoot Lewis “multiple” times in the buttocks and then ran away, officials said in court filings.

Chicago cops allegedly recovered Lewis’ gun from amongst the potato chip bags and subsequently secured a first-degree murder charge against him.

Judge William Fahy granted the state’s detention petition.

Given the allegations, state officials are also reviewing Lewis’ parole status.

In doing a little research on Mr. Lewis, he was admitted into the Illinois Department of Corrections on January 18th of this year. He didn’t even spend the night on a one-year sentence. They cut him loose the same day. Illinois prison sentences are like dog-years in reverse.

Chicago isn’t safe. Neither are a lot of other large urban areas. But it’s nice to see a little street justice since we infrequently get it from elected officials or the criminal justice system.

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  1. “Given the allegations, state officials are also reviewing Lewis’ parole status.”

    Foxx gotta calculate how quickly she can let him back out.

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