Gear Review: Trijicon RMR HD Reflex Sight

By Dave Spaulding When it comes to pistol optics, I’ve gone over to the dot side. In retrospect, this should not be a surprise. I was an advocate of brightly colored front sights back when many were calling for black on black or the three-dot configurations. After years of research into armed conflict, I came […]

Everytown’s Juvenile Shooting ‘Data’ Chock Full of Errors, Advocacy

Children unintentionally shot and killed more than 157 people last year and wounded more than 270, or so Everytown for Gun Safety claims. NBC News was the first media outlet to lap up this fake-news story. “The children who pulled the trigger were most often teenagers ages 14 to 17 or children ages 5 and […]

Knapp: It’s Time to Finally Give Up the Fantasy of Gun Control

ban all the things protest sign

“Those who would outlaw weapons,” the late L. Neil Smith wrote, “must first outlaw the knowledge of weapons. And those who would outlaw the knowledge of weapons must outlaw knowledge itself.” Specifically, knowledge of things like engineering, machining, and chemistry. Guns are, at this point, simple examples of those arts and sciences. While it’s been […]