That Didn’t Age Well: Everytown’s 2015 Tweet Highlights Advance of Permitless Carry

Image by Boch via Twitter

Billionaire moneybags and avowed statist Michael Bloomberg launched the Everytown gun control operation to promote civilian disarmament gun control across America. Each year he spends tens of millions on the organization to prop it up along with its subsidiaries like Moms Demand Action and The Trace propaganda outlet. Like spice, the anti-gun agitprop must flow.

How are they doing, you might ask? What sort of return on investment have they netted their non-Bloomberg benefactors?

Notice that tweet from 2015 at the top of the page.

In all caps, Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown touts:  “WE DEFEATED DANGEROUS PERMITLESS-CARRY BILLS IN 15 STATES THIS YEAR!”

The fine folks over at Firearms Policy Coalition have given us an update on things.  For Everytown and its donors, it’s been a disaster.

In state after state, legislators and governors have come down on the side of freedom and liberty over racist, classist, and sexist gun control laws when it comes to carrying firearms. Since Everytown attempted to spike the ball with that tweet back in 2015, 12 of those 15 states have adopted “constitutional carry,” better known by some as permitless carry.

Allowing law-abiding residents to carry firearms without a government permission slip prevents government bureaucrats from arbitrarily denying carry licenses to people for racist, classist or sexist reasons. Denying people their Second Amendment rights based upon their skin color has always been a gun control tradition. It’s happened to some high profile people like Martin Luther King, Jr. King who sought a carry license but was denied in his hometown of Montgomery, Alabama, not because he was a criminal, but because he was deemed “unsuitable.”

Whatever that meant.

Gun control has nothing to do with crime. It’s based in bigotry, racism, classism, and sexism, things good people don’t support.

As for Bloomberg, we at least have to give him credit for creating jobs in his vast anti-gun operation, even if they’re futilely working to advance something that doesn’t enjoy much popular support among among Americans.

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  1. Pittsburgh, PA will no longer ger be staffing police precincts between 3 AM and 7AM. Why? Staffing problems caused by defunding the police and anti-police police is and attitudes.

    So, if you are a bad guy, time your crime.

    Everyone else, arm up.

  2. How many guns do you need for home defense?

    Well….how many defenders are in your household?

    An EDC pistol. Maybe a couple to accommodate your attire (concealability).

    Maybe another, smaller pistol as your pajama gun. Something that accommodates to your evening wear. I wear scrubs at night because my G43 fits nicely in the cargo pocket.

    A shotgun, ready and loaded with buckshot.

    A rifle.

    Gun lights, flashlights, night sights.
    Supressors (I do not have any, yet).
    Defense ammo.
    Plenty of pre-loaded magazines.

    Collect the above over time. It will be fun and you will increase your capability….but train and practice, also. Skills help.

    1. A pajama gun? First time I’ve ever heard that one before. Who wears pajamas to sleep, lol?

      Buck stark nekkid, like the good Lawd intended…

      1. I dunno, Haz. The Bible appears to be silent as to whether Jesus wore pajamas, or not. (Loud smirk).

      2. “Who wears pajamas to sleep, lol?”

        I prefer the feel of a 100-percent cotton long sleeve t-shirt to bed, with my NAA-mini-revolver in a neck holster underneath like this one :

        You can configure it several different ways. Come morning, the NAA comes out of that holster and slides in my rear pocket as a cross-draw to my Ruger LCR in .357… 🙂

        All I have to do is draw up a hand up to my chest at night under my shirt, and I’m armed… 🙂

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