That Didn’t Age Well: Everytown’s 2015 Tweet Highlights Advance of Permitless Carry

Billionaire moneybags and avowed statist Michael Bloomberg launched the Everytown gun control operation to promote civilian disarmament gun control across America. Each year he spends tens of millions on the organization to prop it up along with its subsidiaries like Moms Demand Action and The Trace propaganda outlet. Like spice, the anti-gun agitprop must flow. […]

Pro Tip: The People Who Print Their Own Guns Aren’t All The Same

Even for people in the gun rights camp, 3D-printed guns can cause a little bit of…hesitation. We want the good guys to have guns, obviously, but when the fentanyl-addicted squatters two doors down have a home-made GLOCK switches and start spraying rounds randomly in the neighborhood, you might start to wonder whether more good people […]

St. Croix Tactical’s SCT 19 and SCT 17 GLOCK Frames

GLOCK builds can be as addictive as AR builds. You can pretty much build whatever you can imagine with the myriad parts that are available. No matter what you build though, you need to start with a good base. You can obviously go with a factory GLOCK frame, and there’s a lot to be said […]

ATF Agent Stops Gun Sale Because He Says He Smelled Marijuana

An ATF Industry Operations Investigator violated the Second Amendment rights of a central Florida man last month, when he ordered a gun dealer to halt a pistol sale because he believed the purchaser possibly smelled of marijuana.  The Industry Operations Investigator, or IOI, who is based out of ATF’s Tampa Field Office, was conducting a […]

California’s 1 Gun a Month Limit Law Struck Down as Unconstitutional

gun store handgun counter pistol

And another one goes down. A U.S. District judge has struck down California’s one-gun-a-month purchase limit law on summary judgement. The Golden State’s gun control law was such a clear and obvious violation of the plaintiffs’ Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms that Judge William Hayes didn’t bother with taking the matter to […]