Democrats in Illinois Care More About Protecting Bags of Chips Than Children in Schools [VIDEO]

Screen capture by Boch via Twitter

You read that right. Democrats in the Land of Lincoln care more about protecting bags of chips than protecting school children.

In recent days, the Chicago School Board voted unanimously to remove all Chicago Police School Resource Officers from the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) system for next school year.

From WTTW . . .

Chicago Public Schools is set to remove resource officers from its buildings by this fall after officials passed a resolution requiring the district to develop a new safety model that doesn’t include police inside schools.

The city’s seven-member Board of Education on Wednesday unanimously approved the item, which directs CPS CEO Pedro Martinez to implement a new whole school safety policy, which “must make explicit that the use of SROs within District schools will end by the start of the 2024-2025 school year.”

“Schools that have participated in that program will be able to create whole school safety plans and receive funding to invest in alternative safety strategies,” Board President Jianan Shi said. “We are investing in schools and they will have an opportunity to decide how to use those funds.”

At the same time a member of the Illinois Democrat Black Caucus introduced a bill titled the Armed Security Protection Act. What would the bill do? Would it required armed security in CPS schools (because nothing bad happens ever in the CPS)?

Also from WTTW . . .

A Chicago PD squad car parked outside the Innovations Charter High School in Chicago minutes after a double-murder in the front door. Image via WTTW Public Television.

A charter school in the Loop will remain closed Monday, days after a pair of students were fatally shot just after classes ended Friday.

In a message posted on its webpage, Innovations High School informed students that classes would be canceled Monday and then resume Tuesday.

“It is with profound sadness and deep sorrow that we come together to mourn the devastating loss of two of our students, who were tragically shot and killed while being dismissed for the weekend,” Innovations principal Alicia Shines said in a statement. “This incident has devastated our students, faculty, staff and community at large. We appreciate the outpouring of support as our school grapples with this senseless act of violence.”

The victims — Robert Boston, 16, and Monterio Williams, 17 — were identified through Cook County Medical Examiner’s records. Autopsies confirmed both died of multiple gunshot wounds.

Not hardly. Instead, Rep. Thaddeus Jones’ HB-1231 would require every bank, pawn shop, grocery store, and gas station in Chicago to hire armed security. Because some people care more about protecting bags of chips, bottles of liquor and packs of smokes than our children.

So to sum up, armed guards will be pulled from Chicago’s public schools while Rep. Jones wants to ensure every pawn shop and stop-n-rob has gun-toting security on hand.

And Chicago wonders why they have a crime problem.

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  1. The goal of the left wing anti-gun is to exploit as much ’emotion’ as they can to keep getting the tax payer dollars that pay them. Kids in danger invoke emotion, potato chips don’t. So of course this idiot doesn’t want to do anything to secure those kids, to give the kids a chance, in the event one of their mentally ill killers they emboldened and facilitated with their left wing insanity. So sure, lets demand the only known method of giving the best chance of survival, defensive gun use, against these monsters the left wing let loose on society by their actions, is used to secure the banks and pawn shops and grocery store and the stop-n-rob but lets remove it from the schools where the left wing claims our ‘precious children’ are.

    Once again, trying to invoke a ‘known to be provably and factually’ death trap ‘gun free zone’ where killers are basically guaranteed defenseless prey by law. But hey, the potato chips and liquor and packs of smokes and groceries and the money in the bank is secure so there is that.

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