NY Governor Bans Guardsmen in Subways from Carrying AR-15s

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul banned the use of long guns by National Guardsmen she sent to check bags at Big Apple subway stations — as she continued to defend the controversial deployment. Hochul issued the ban on military-grade rifles “immediately after” 750 troops were deployed to the subway system, a spokesperson told The Post Sunday. After […]

Dettelbach Interview Made Clear ATF Has No Business Regulating Firearms

ATF Director Steve Dettelbach

It turns out Joe Biden’s second choice to lead the ATF, Steve Dettelbach, wasn’t lying when he told his Senate confirmation committee that he wasn’t a firearms expert.  Dettelbach appeared Sunday on CBS’ Face the Nation, accompanied by Agent Chris Bort, whom the ATF Director described as one of his “leading experts.” From a public […]

California SB 1160 Will Register and Annually Tax Every Gun in the State

California Sen. Anthony Portantino

EVERY. SINGLE. GUN. Registered and taxed repeatedly. EVERY. SINGLE. GUN OWNER. Taxed annually for each and every gun. Those of you who thought gun control didn’t matter because they weren’t going after you or your gun, we told you this was always part of their plan. They want to know about every single gun in […]