NY Governor Bans Guardsmen in Subways from Carrying AR-15s

(Photo by John Lamparski/Sipa USA)

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul banned the use of long guns by National Guardsmen she sent to check bags at Big Apple subway stations — as she continued to defend the controversial deployment.

Hochul issued the ban on military-grade rifles “immediately after” 750 troops were deployed to the subway system, a spokesperson told The Post Sunday.

After the deployment began last week, straphangers entering the subway were greeted by camouflaged and gun-toting soldiers at bag-search checkpoints in a sight reminiscent of the city after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The move led to complaints that state leaders were militarizing the subway system, and NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell accused Hochul of treating the subways like a “war zone.”

“Stop the theater!” wrote former Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik in a post on X, adding that “the NYPD knows their job” and should be left to do it.

Under Hochul’s new directive, some guardsmen will still be armed with assault weapons at certain postings throughout the subway, but will not carry them at the actual bag checkpoints.

— Khristina Narizhnaya and Alex Oliveira in Hochul bans ‘long guns’ for National Guard troops deployed to NYC subway bag checkpoints

8 Responses

  1. These are the same people who told us in 2020 that we should replace the police with social workers. They skipped their own advice, and went with the National Guard instead.

    1. Dude,


      “We have created chaos. Now, we will use our militarization of policework to save you.”

      (Laughs out loud).

      “We will start with warrantless searches to ride the subway. Then, we will demand your identity papers. And we will confiscate any means you have of self defense (and anything else we want to take from you). ”

      The preludes to Marshall Law.

    2. “These are the same people who told us in 2020 that we should replace the police with social workers.”

      Didn’t one of those ‘violence de-escalators’ get shot dead back then?

    3. This is the same Hochul who assured the public that NY city was the safest city in the world and that reports of crime in NY city and the subway system was a MAGA right wing white supremacist lie.

    4. Just waiting for the first National Guardsmen to be shot/stabbed and unable to defend themselves. And yes it will happen.

  2. Or in other words, this stupid governor sent these national guard troops into a ‘law enforcement’ situation and said its a violent crime environment… and now wants to create more disarmed potential victims.

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