Tonight’s Oscars Show: Celebs Will Lecture You About Gun Control Behind Men With Guns and a Ring of Steel

Los Angeles PD. Via LAPD Facebook.

Self-important celebrities and their plus-ones will be attending tonight’s Academy Awards show. And right on cue, at least some of those who get a statuette will no doubt take the opportunity on stage to lecture you and me about gun control.  They’ll do so while securely protected by hundreds of hired good guys with guns, a luxury 99.99% of Americans cannot afford.

And in an even bigger moment of self-owning, they may even advocate banning America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15 and guns like it even as their security details carry some of those very same guns. Because their lives are important enough to merit the very best defense.  Our families’ lives? Not so much.

Jimmy Kimmel, a reliable voice for victim disarmament and woke politics will, once again, host the Oscars. Spoiler alert: you know he’s going to tell the dozens of remaining viewers of the awards show that gun control will solve everything from illegal immigration to global warming to bad hair days. Because criminals and terrorists always reform themselves when their victims are disarmed.

There will be protection galore for the elites. The best protection money can buy. In fact, organizers say they’ll be protecting the attendees with a “ring of steel.”  From the New York Post . . .

A ring of steel has been thrown around the venue for the 95th Oscars which take place on Sunday, after pro-Palestine demonstrators targeted other red carpet events.

The area around the Dolby Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles has been blocked off with chainlink fencing as part of early preparations which will eventually involve thousands of law enforcement and security personnel.

Police and organizers will want to avoid a repeat of the Grammy Awards – when arrivals at LA’s Arena were brought to a halt by pro-Palestinian supporters blocking traffic – by using a security fence as in previous years.

Putting aside the fact that many of those same celebrities claim that fences don’t work, it’s funny that these self-absorbed “elites” employ for themselves all the things they say the rest of us don’t need. We’re on our own while people like Kimmel and his friends have the gall to lecture us about gun control and the rest of their brain-dead woke culture matras.

These same people not only want us disarmed and helpless, they want to keep our children unprotected as well. They’re even opposed to training teachers to defend themselves and their students.

Imagine for a moment if most American schools had anything approaching the level of security that will be enjoyed by those attending the Oscars tonight.

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  1. The cultural elite are neither. Here’s to another night of dismal ratings led by the perennial loser Jimmy K.

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