California SB 1160 Will Register and Annually Tax Every Gun in the State

California Sen. Anthony Portantino
California Senate Bill 1160 author Anthony Portantino (courtesy California Senate Democrats)

EVERY. SINGLE. GUN. Registered and taxed repeatedly.

EVERY. SINGLE. GUN OWNER. Taxed annually for each and every gun.

Those of you who thought gun control didn’t matter because they weren’t going after you or your gun, we told you this was always part of their plan. They want to know about every single gun in the state and every single gun owner. And they are going to charge you a fee on each and every gun you have, every single year.

Your plinker? Registered and taxed annually. Your hunting shotgun? Registered and taxed annually.

We warned you. Now here it is in black and white: the California legislature is moving to pass Senate Bill 1160.

No one is safe from this. Every gun owner in California will be affected and will have to pay the state for the “privilege” of owning a gun for sport or to defend your family.

Those on the sidelines: Are you awake now?

— CRPA President Chuck Michel at X

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  1. Sounds a lot like a poll tax, a right that is charged for, and otherwise denied is no longer a right.

  2. California needs to either just slide off into the ocean and sink or the people need to oust its government and put some sanity in place.

    Its not just guns…California government is going after your children, your money, your property, your security, all of your constitutional rights, and is slowly tightening the noose around the neck of your liberty to strangle it to death.

    1. They’re a disaster. California is the model for the country. People have been waking up to this which is why they HAD to invite 10 million illegals into our country. History shows us they will overwhelmingly support Democrats. History also shows us that they will make babies at a much higher rate than people that have been here for a few generations. It might take 2-3 generations to make them understand how evil the Democrats are. But all the Dems have to do is bring in more. Again, look at history. I remember reading articles from 14 years ago saying the Democrats will always be in power due to a demographic change. That’s why they freaked out when Trump won. That’s why they’re always putting down the traditional demographics of this country. It isn’t about economic policy, foreign policy, or civil rights. It’s about power.

  3. I really, really, REALLY hope they pass this. (Calm, down, I’m going somewhere with that!)

    This looks like an *outstanding* opportunity to deal with both mandatory gun registration and gun taxation in one shot with the SCotUS… 🙂

  4. a) this is obviously unconstitutional and won’t hold up in court
    b) if you thought noncompliance was high when Illinois wanted everyone to register their ‘assault rifles’…

    1. “b) if you thought noncompliance was high when Illinois wanted everyone to register their ‘assault rifles’…”

      They (almost) got a *whopping* one percent compliance rate in Illinois, Gov!

  5. The author of this bill, Anthony Porrantino, just lost his political race. Will that give him scone thoughts about such nonsense? Will the party of “freedom” finally drop gun grabbing as a major campaign issue? Probably not, but they should. Ds would dominate national politics if they gave up
    on gun control. I really don’t understand why they don’t.

    1. Do you honestly believe that most people are cool with the open border and the push to secksually indoctrinate/tranz the kids? Now if they reversed course on those three things (incl. 2A), then yes. They would easily win since they own the media and culture. They’d have to eventually address the out of control spending. People will eventually wise up to what’s causing inflation as well as the looming disaster due to printing too much money.

      1. I think people are wising up to the DEI nonsense as well. Democrat policies aren’t designed to make life better for citizens. They’re designed to attain/maintain power. They’re able to hide that from low information voters because they know the media works for them. Inflation Reduction Act? That never would have been possible with an honest media. The SOTU address was full of lies. They know 90% of the news media won’t push back.

  6. What I’d like to know is, how many more peace officers will be added to staff so that they can tax EVERY gun including those held by gang members and other prohibited persons? When you can make those people register their illegal guns then you can ask the law abiding citizens to, to which we still say “unconstitutional”!! The only guns that should be “registered” in any way, shape or form are the guns held by the criminals…. you know which ones, YES the criminals!! The very reason the rest of us carry! Comprende?

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