Gun Control for Americans, but Not for ‘Migrants’: Dems Want To Give Illegals Access to Automatic Weapons

Rep. Pat Ryan, D-NY (Screen cap by Boch Via X_

Joe Biden and most of his Democrat buddies on Capitol Hill want to disarm everyday Americans. They support gun control, banning popular firearms, and civilian disarmament at every opportunity.  They euphemistically call it “gun safety” legislation, but in reality it’s nothing more than making it harder for the average American to keep and bear arms to defend their homes and families from criminals, lunatics, and terrorists.

Joe Biden and his gun control jihadist allies feel very differently, however, about the illegal “migrants,” people who broke the law to cross the border and who the White House now calls “newcomers.”

For non-citizens who committed felonies by arriving in our country unlawfully, Democrats want to welcome them into the US military, giving them the use of automatic weapons and more. What could possibly go wrong with this proposal?

Tucker Carlson has a good idea . . .

It’s common knowledge that the southern border with Mexico has been wide open since the day Biden took office. Not so many people know about the administration’s flying in at least 320,000 illegals into the US and placing them in 43 cities across America last year.

From ZeroHedge:

A Freedom of Information Act lawsuit has revealed that the Biden administration has flown at least 320,000 migrants into the United States in an effort to reduce the number of crossings at the southern border, according to Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies.

“The program at the center of the FOIA litigation is perhaps the most enigmatic and least-known of the Biden administration’s uses of the CBP One cellphone scheduling app, even though it is responsible for almost invisibly importing by air 320,000 aliens with no legal right to enter the United States since it got underway in late 2022,” wrote Bensman.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had initially refused to disclose information about the flights, which use a cell phone app, CBP One, to arrange.

“Under these legally dubious parole programs, aliens who cannot legally enter the country use the CBP One app to apply for travel authorization and temporary humanitarian release from those airports. The parole program allows for two-year periods of legal status during which adults are eligible for work authorization,” Bensman continues.

The flights resulted in illegal immigrants being placed in at least 43 American cities from January through December 2023.

Under the terms of their release, migrants are able to remain in the US for two years without obtaining legal status, and are meanwhile eligible for work authorization.

Who are these people? No one seems to know. We do know about the crimes some of them have committed including the high-profile murder of Laken Riley in Georgia.

From the AP . . .

Laken Riley was a 22-year-old nursing student out on her morning run at the University of Georgia when authorities say a stranger dragged her into a secluded area and killed her, sending shockwaves through campus as police searched for a suspect.

The arrest of a Venezuelan man who entered the U.S. illegally and was allowed to stay to pursue his immigration case put the tragedy at the center of the 2024 presidential campaign.

And the death of a Washington State trooper by another illegal.

From the New York Post . . .

An illegal migrant from Mexico with a lengthy rap sheet has been arrested for allegedly crashing his vehicle into a Washington state trooper, killing the 27-year-old husband and father.

Raul Benitez Santana, 33, admitted to smoking weed and drinking beers before slamming his SUV into Trooper Christopher Gadd’s patrol car in the early hours of Saturday, Fox 13 Seattle reported, citing probable cause documents.

Right in America’s heartland, Chicago has experienced all manner of crimes committed by these “newcomers.” Most instances, even when reported, don’t make the mainstream media. Sometimes the “alternative” media picks up on some cases. One guy was arrested twice within four hours. Another one from Venezuela was just arrested for the third time under the third name.

CWB Chicago has that story too . . .

Welcome to another New Neighbor Update! Our most-arrested migrant this week is Pedro Molina, also known as Jose Oleno Lopez and Jose Antonio Sanchez-Oleno. He got arrested in the Loop on Tuesday, his third arrest in Chicago under his third name since Thanksgiving.

And Joe Biden and New York Congressman Pat Ryan wants to induct them in the military and give them access to automatic weapons, grenades, and all manner of other destructive devices.

Gun control for Americans…and fully automatic firearms for illegals. And so it goes.

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  1. People unknown and un-vetted allowed in our military and at the same time let’s take away the guns from law abiding American citizens.
    This alone is a clear illustration of how the trash administration views the born and raised American citizens.
    Evil at it’s worst.

  2. What do Democrat voters think they’re getting from this unprecedented illegal invasion? The “they’re going to make us richer” excuse is now a very obvious lie. Some Democrats have been indoctrinated into hating America, so that crew supports this for obvious reasons. Some wealthy and connected Democrats benefit financially from Dems being in charge, i.e. trillions in climate alarmist handouts/subsidies. I refuse to believe that over half of America supports this. What does that leave? Ignorance?

    1. They think they’re going to get a peaceful slave class they can abuse to do the jobs Americans don’t want to do (read:they don’t want to pay an American remotely what it’s worth).

      1. That’s the plan. And then all the natural borns will come down with Corno5.0 and the true vaccine wont be available to them. A rifle behind every blade of grass.

    2. “What do Democrat voters think they’re getting from this unprecedented illegal invasion?”

      Reliable democrat voters, of course…

  3. Joes trying to bias the military. Right now the military is overall ~90% right wing conservative. If Joe can get enough illegal immigrants into the military, illegal immigrants who are beholden to him for letting them invade our country, he will have his own little ‘military’ within the military that’s willing to do his bidding. Basically Joe wants to build a ‘military junta’ inside the military ready to do his bidding.

    This is an old trick of Marxist Socialist when they start planning to overthrow a country. They try to shift the demography in the public and the military in their favor. Its why Joe is letting our country be invaded, hes trying to shift the demography towards a ‘populace’ that is aligned more left wing democrat voting which is why he also wants to let illegal immigrants vote.

    If he gets a second term, there may very well be a ‘civil war’. No other choice, in his second term he would try to overthrow the country if he can get his own little military inside our military (and if not him then the next democrat president would try – its the long term goal of the democrat party and it began with LBJ and his plan for welfare to have blacks vote for democrat presidents for the next ‘200 years’ he claimed). Once Biden’s military inside the military revolts against their commanders he will suspend the constitution for a national state of emergency, then use that as the excuse to order the military into martial law use and federalize National Guard and use the federal law enforcement loyalist army (ATF, IRS, etc….) he is building now to start confiscating firearms from the public, and if the military refuses (which they will, those loyal to the constitution and their oaths) he will declared them ‘enemy’s of the state’ and we will be at war. Its a Marxist Socialist communism dictatorship scenario they actually game (Democratic Socialists of America), Its even come up in their conventions, Russia did in other countries during the cold war, Hitler did it in Germany – shift demography in your favor by some means, create chaos in the military with a group of ‘loyalists’, declare those in the military refusing to go along ‘the enemy’.

    1. Although not exactly the same things its based on an old tactic the Romans used to ‘soften’ up an area to make it easier to invade and control. It always started with flooding the area with roman citizens or roman ‘loyalist’ ‘immigrating’ there, they get inside that areas political and social infrastructure key positions and then start taking making changes to make the area easier to invade and control.

    2. .40 cal, keep in mind they’ve been doing that for awhile. The military and the bureaucracy purged people who refused the vax. That had nothing to do with healthcare. They’re also both actively recruiting the woke (wannabe commie) crowd. They’ve been doing that for years. There’s a reason for all things.

      1. of course they have been doing it for a while. That was also the reason for trying to force DEI programs into the military, to install ‘commissars’ (e.g. ‘political officers’ in Russian communism speak).

        Diversity-Equity-Inclusion’ (AKA DEI) is just another name for a ‘Marxists socialism’ concept, or in other words a ‘communism’ concept.

        First, lets begin with ‘Equity’: Equity is the goal of all DEI programs, which is to say that DEI programs exist to force captive audiences of people to achieve “equitable” redistribution of resources, status, and wealth according to neo-Marxist Identity Theories like Critical Race Theory.

        Next, ‘Diversity’: Diversity initiatives are rooted in the goal of installing (placing, enacting) ideologically consistent political officers (or people) within organizations to effect and enforce policies directed toward achieving equity. These political officers, often called “Diversity Officers,” (but may be known included under other titles such as ‘human resources’) are in fact a rebranding of the older concept of commissars (e.g. ‘political officers’ in Russian communism speak), who enforced socialism in the same way.

        Finally, ‘Inclusion’: Inclusion is an overarching value structure for the “Diverse and Equitable” commissar system that’s being installed. In fact, it’s a justification not for inclusion as most people understand it, but for censorship and purges, just like in any Communist state. Inclusion, and its extension in “Belonging,” are a manipulative strategy akin to Mao Zedong’s “unity, criticism, unity” formula for taking over not just institutions but the value structure of populations and bending them toward socialism (or, in this case, equity).

      1. Curious who would mock you for that as we saw the same thing happening in the private sector by filtering out “undesirable employees” who wouldn’t take the shot or went for exemption. Only having union protection let me keep job, some privacy, and promotion at the time.

      2. Oh, I’ve been saying it since Biden started running for president for the 2020 election. I listed to his speeches, watched who he bought with him and listened to them, listened to what he said on the news coverage and how he spoke to people, how he and his gang slowly changed ‘definitions’ over time and manipulated social constructs. All the ‘Marxists socialism’ warning signs were there, not only in the election cycle but also before that in their histories.

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