SIG Redefines the Ranch Rifle With the new MCX-REGULATOR

You may think you’ve seen this rifle before. It bears an uncanny resemblance to the Fightlight SCR, but without its, well, unique buffer system. SIG SAUER says their new MCX-REGULATOR is a redefinition of the ranch rifle. Based on their MCX platform, this is a highly modular (it’s compatible with any MCX upper) gas piston […]

NJ AG Prounounces Microstamping ‘Good Enough’ After State’s Study Produced a 90% Failure Rate

New Jersey’s Attorney General has finally reached a determination about the viability of firearm microstamping technology. The decision comes over a year late with wasted tax dollars to boot. The state’s report only proved that the idea of microstamping is still severely flawed and not ready for implementation. The media attempted to sell the study, saying “gun ‘microstamping’ technology would […]

Firearm Trainers: Those Who Can Need to be Able to Show They Can

The old joke — or perhaps it’s just a disappointing societal truth we do our best to ignore — is that those who can…actually do a thing, while those who can’t…turn to teaching the thing. If you’re wondering what the difference is between these two people, look no further than that cinematic tour de force, Back […]