Tone Deaf Joe Biden Uses Laken Riley’s Murder to Promote Gun Control

Biden angry pointing church
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Leave it to Joe Biden to promote gun control laws and gun bans upon Americans while turning a blind eye to illegal alien invaders pouring over our southern border in particular.  One of these illegals from Venezuela murdered nursing student Laken Riley in recent days on the University of Georgia campus.  Her death has served to further bring the immigration crisis to the forefront of everyday Americans.

Miss Riley, a young woman with a bright future ahead of her, had her life taken by one of the millions of illegal “migrants” – now redefined as “newcomers” by the White House – Joe Biden has allowed into in the three years he’s been in office.

Unfortunately 911 wasn’t able to save her. More unfortunately, she didn’t have a gun that fateful day when she went jogging and was attacked by a multiple-offender Venezuelan thug.

From the New York Post . . .

Nursing student Laken Riley desperately tried to call 911 last week when a Venezuelan migrant pounced on her during a morning run, it was revealed Wednesday.

Police documents show that Jose Antonio Ibarra, 26, prevented the 22-year-old from dialing the emergency helpline before he dragged her body to a secluded area after the vicious attack.

Ibarra then panicked and likely bashed in her skull when Riley bravely tried to fight back, according to an analysis by a former criminal profiler. Riley was found hours later on the University of Georgia campus with a disfigured skull. She died of blunt-force trauma.

The gruesome details of her injuries in new warrants suggest that the Augusta University College of Nursing student likely fought back when she was grabbed during a run — and her killer likely panicked while trying to subdue her.

Laken Riley
Courtesy Laken Riley Facebook

Biden spoke with reporters and boasted of his promotion of gun control laws he wants to impose on law-abiding Americans via “executive action.” He claimed, once again, that he “beat the NRA” and that he’s going to “finish the job,” banning the most effective and hottest-selling self-defense firearms in America.

Breitbart has details . . .

Less than a week after Laken Riley was reportedly killed via blunt force trauma by a non-U.S. citizen, President Joe Biden spoke to reporters about his efforts to fight crime and pushed more gun control.

Biden said, “I’ve taken more executive actions to stop the flow of illegal guns than any other administration in history. And we beat the NRA when I signed the most significant gun safety law in nearly 30 years.”

He continued, “We’re going to finish the job. We’re going to ban ‘assault weapons’ and ‘high-capacity’ magazines’ next time around because it has to be done.”

The corporate media has consistently tried to cover the border disaster story… with a pillow. Until it stops moving.

The problem for them, however, has to do with the crime and violence that results from opening the nation’s borders to illegal aliens. And for those who are paying attention, a large majority of these “newcomers” are military aged males.

There are some voices out there trying to draw attention to the rolling disaster that is pouring across our borders.

At the same time, in Venezuela, crime and homicide numbers are down to a 22-year low, in large part because many of the violent offenders like Laken Riley’s (alleged) attacker have been exported, heading north to America.

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  1. The Puppet, and every Democrat voter that has halfway paid attention to politics in the past few years, killed Laken Riley. They have blood on their hands, but what’s new? Of course they’re gaslighting us over it. That’s all they ever do because they have zero respect for any American citizen, including their own constituents.

    Reality: Joe Biden is a bumbling, incompetent, evil, senile fool. Everyone knows it, so they chant FJB or let’s go Brandon.
    Propaganda: Dark Brandon is a cunning and intelligent leader, taking control of the situation.

    Reality: Everyone knows the economic situation is dire thanks to the Puppet & Co.
    Propaganda: Bidenomics is saving us! (They tried really hard to push that one on us, but even they had to throw in the towel on that lie.)

    Reality: The border is open to the world. They canceled Trump’s effective border policies asap.
    Propaganda: The border is secure, but we need billions more to super-duper secure it. Why won’t the Republicans support that? Anything bad is their fault.

    Reality: They spent trillions on white collar welfare, AKA the new green deal, pumping a steady, completely unnecessary, record amount of money into the economy during a period of high inflation.
    Propaganda: Inflation Reduction Act.

    Et cetera…

  2. Well, shutting down the border (Trump was getting close, and would have had a shot, had he been allowed to finish the wall) would certainly stem the tide, and then we could take a deep breath and start deporting the millions of line-jumping illegals infesting our country. Would that stop all crime? Of course not. But it would sure as heck stop 100% of the crime being committed by criminal illegal aliens, so there’s that.

  3. Shame on every DA and AG in this country for not bringing charges over all this shit. It’s terrible to say this but our country is filled with evil and we must purge it….

  4. “Nursing student Laken Riley desperately tried to call 911 last week when a Venezuelan migrant pounced on her during a morning run, it was revealed Wednesday.”

    Over 98% of people will not be able to call 911 during any sort of imminent physical attack upon them. Its extremely rare, and sure there have been some cases of it happening but those were mostly because the attacker ‘hesitated’ in some way (e.g. paused) the attack which is also extremely rare.

    Her killer, Jose Antonio Ibarra, illegally crossed the border into El Paso in September of 2022, our purposely insecure border made that way on purpose by Joe Biden, yes that tyrant and enemy of the country and Constitution that calls him self ‘President’. That president you stupid democrats and left wing idiots voted into office despite all the warning signs being obvious.

    YOU Joe Biden, YOU Kamala Harris, YOU every politician that supports Joe Biden or the democrat party, YOU every left wing person and democrat and any other voter that put Joe Biden and the rest of his political party into office, YOU every left wing or other person or anyone else who supports the left wing agenda led by Joe Biden – YOU allowed, emboldened, and facilitated this animal Jose Antonio Ibarra to commit his heinous crime – YOU Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and every person that supports you or voted for you or supports your agenda, EVERYONE of you murdered Laken Riley by proxy and her blood is on your hands as is the blood of the victims of all the other criminals you allowed, emboldened, and facilitated by the left wing and democrat agenda.

    1. An anti gun person I knew several years ago had a daughter who had recently started attending college. There had been some attacks on campus and 1 girl was severely assaulted in her dorm room. We were talking about how he was concerned about his daughters safety. I asked him a very simple question. After placing my cellphone on the table. I then put my carry gun on the table next to it and asked him. Which one he would prefer his daughter have if she gets attacked? He thought about it for a few seconds and admitted he would want her to have the firearm. As the cellphone can’t really stop an attacker. He later took some training courses with both his wife and daughter. Then purchased a pistol for himself and his daughter. The wife still wasn’t keen on firearms, but understood the need to have one available. If need be.

  5. Laken Riley Border and Illegal Immigration Act is what the POTUS account should have poseted about during her funeral, not about George Floyd.

    The priorities of our current administration are out of touch with the everyday citizens, yet that small minority of far left adherents are who they coddle.

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