Tone Deaf Joe Biden Uses Laken Riley’s Murder to Promote Gun Control

Biden angry pointing church

Leave it to Joe Biden to promote gun control laws and gun bans upon Americans while turning a blind eye to illegal alien invaders pouring over our southern border in particular.  One of these illegals from Venezuela murdered nursing student Laken Riley in recent days on the University of Georgia campus.  Her death has served […]

Carry Report: Taurus GX4 9mm Pistol

taurus gx4 engraving

Straightforward reviews of firearms are fantastic, but a solid carry report is a bit like a well-done AAR (after action report). Once a gun has been used — and carried — for an extended period of time there’s more real-life experience and data available. One gun that’s well worth examining through the lens of daily […]

Midwest Industries Launches Modern Lever Action Stocks at SHOT 2024

SHOT Show 2024 was definitely the Year of the Lever Action. Midwest Industries released their new modern lever action stocks at the show, but they just sent out news to the general public about them today. Midwest Industries is well known for their modern lever action handguards that give M-LOK and Picatinny rail solutions to […]

Follow Shooting News Weekly on Social Media and YouTube

It’s been a slog these last two months, but we’ve made a good amount of progress around these parts at SNW. The site is almost where we want it on both mobile and desktop, we finally have our comment section going, and we have social media feeds set up. You can follow us at Instagram […]

Warne’s New Shotgun Rib Mounts for Reflex Sights

I’ve tried red dots on shotguns in the past and they’re great for home/personal defense or shooting turkeys and such. But using them to hit clays has been, well, less than optimal. At least in my experience. Then I tried Aimpoint’s new ACRO S-2 at range day at the SHOT Show. Placed down the rib, […]

Joni Ernst’s ‘FIREARM’ Act Would Protect FFLs from Biden’s Weaponized ATF

The most anti-gun administration in the nation’s history has used all of its executive powers to make life as difficult, onerous, expensive, and annoying for every part of America’s gun culture, from the the average Joe and Jane Gunowner to firearm manufacturers as well as online and brick-and-mortar retailers. One of the most egregious aspects […]