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It’s been a slog these last two months, but we’ve made a good amount of progress around these parts at SNW. The site is almost where we want it on both mobile and desktop, we finally have our comment section going, and we have social media feeds set up.

You can follow us at Instagram for gun and gear photos, sneak peeks of what we’re testing and other behind-the-scenes content. Our Twitter X feed is live and our YouTube channel is up with its first video (and lots more to come).

In short, check us out. We’re growing fast and appreciate your readership and support.

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  1. Great! A youtube channel that lets us know with its introductory video that Jeremy likes his booze.


  2. One thing that is missing from many reviews is a higher round count. I like it when reviewers mention how many rounds they’ve fired, as well as any issues they encountered along the way. It’s also best to record the shooting so you can catch any issues on video.

    Also, it’s silly to begin shooting a gun “straight out of the box” for a review. That is NOT a good way to judge the gun’s reliability. In order to accurately judge the reliability, then you have to follow the included manual. That usually means immediately cleaning off the shipping grease, and oiling the gun.

  3. Hi Dan,

    Glad things are moving along, however….you knew there would be a “however”.

    However, the font color depth isn’t hip, new age, sophisticated, pleasant, or easy on the eyes of people over about 60. Even adding ambient light while reading strains the eyes of the seasoned reader.

    On a more positive vein, weekly publication doesn’t give us enough you, and others. Daily publication is not an easy proposition, but weekly does somewhat degrade the relevance of time-sensitive events.

    Excelsior !

    1. Yo Sam! Fancy seeing you here! It isn’t really weekly. It’s updated daily. I think it was an existing site with the name already in place.

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