Harvard Professor Needs Armed Security When His Study Shows Police LESS Likely to Shoot Blacks, Hispanics

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What happens when you’re a professor at a prominent university whose research shows that America’s cops are less likely to shoot at blacks and Hispanics than whites? Even as a black Harvard professor, Roland Fryer didn’t get a pass from the woke mob. They came after him, rope in hand, threatening his life. How dare he counter a central tenet of the social justice narrative?

The fact that his study revealed that Houston Police Department officers are more than twice as likely to use non-lethal force against blacks didn’t matter to the woke mob. They wanted Roland Fryer dead for his blasphemy.

Not even five minutes after publishing the study, Professor Fryer got the first hate mail.  The death threats followed soon after. He eventually needed 24/7 armed security for weeks. Yes, even to make a run to the drug store to buy diapers.

Why? Because you don’t just go out and buy yourself a handgun and get a carry license in the Bay State. No siree, Bob.

FoxNews has the story . . .

A Harvard professor said that “all hell broke loose” and he was forced to go out in public with armed security after he published a study that found no evidence of racial bias in police shootings.

During a sit-down conversation with Bari Weiss of The Free Press, Harvard Economics Professor Roland Fryer discussed the fallout from a 2016 study he published on racial bias in Houston policing.

The study found that police were more than twice as likely to manhandle, beat or use some other kind of nonfatal force against blacks and Hispanics than against people of other races. However, the data also determined that officers were 23.8 percent less likely to shoot at blacks and 8.5 percent less likely to shoot at Hispanics than they were to shoot at whites.

When Fryer claimed the data showed “no racial differences in officer-involved shootings,” he said, “all hell broke loose,” and his life was upended.

Fryer received the first of many complaints and threats four minutes after publication.

“You’re full of s—t,” the sender said.

Fryer said people quickly “lost their minds” and some of his colleagues refused to believe the results after months of asking him not to print the data…

After the report was published, Fryer lived under police protection for over a month. He had a seven-day-old daughter at the time and went shopping for diapers.

It’s wonderful that a Harvard professor can afford to pay for (or Harvard provided) armed security. But what happens when the average Joe faces credible death threats in Massachusetts? Most can’t possibly swing the cost of hiring men with guns to protect them from lunatics and criminals.

Fortunately, most of the nation now has constitutional carry, so a great many Americans don’t have to.

Does anyone want to wager whether or not the good professor has had an epiphany about the clear benefits of individual firearm ownership? Or did that teachable moment in personal defense go right over his head?

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  1. Hypothesis formulation is not science.
    Measuring is not science.
    Analyzing is not science.
    Forming conclusions founded in findings is not science.

    Science begins with government defining the outcomes it expects.
    Then, propaganda is deployed to inform the public about the truths government has defined.
    After that, studies are funded and conducted to guide public policy and spending to align with the outcomes government has mandated.
    Lastly, all dissident research and opinion is crushed in the name of public safety.

    How is it that this guy could become a full professor at Harvard and not understand how science is done?

  2. LifeSavor,

    Do you not find it ironic that the party that labels itself “The Party of Science” has literally destroyed the very construct of the “Scientific Method”?? I do. “Science” today seems to be centered on believing credentialed idiots positing objectively stupid ideas as “revealed truth”, and persecuting differing views.

    Until we begin teaching children the Scientific Method, and general skepticism, we are going to continue producing generations of uneducated, indoctrinated idiots. Mine may have been the last generation of people who were actually taught that in public schools. My kids certainly weren’t (which is why I tutored them on my own, to counteract the “woke” bullsh*t). Education is key – the Frankfurt School, and their “Long March Through the Institutions” knew what they were doing. The only effective counter is to do the same with ACTUAL education – learning to be skeptical, methodical, evidence-based, and unimpressed by “credentials”.

    We need to educate our children (or, in my case, our grandchildren), or we are doomed.

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