Gun Facts: The Problem Isn’t the Guns, It’s the Gangs

Courtesy Gun Facts (via X)

It may or may not be fair to say that most gunshot wounds are gang related as well. Security camera footage of drive-by shootings where multiple people are injured would lead one to this belief. But, alas, there is no solid way we at the Gun Facts project have yet discovered to triangulate such, and the CDC’s WISQARS reporting system is not transparent on firearm injuries. But let’s say that the odds are high… as high as Snoop Dogg, who was a Crip… that most inflicted gunshot injuries are gang related.

Even if this triangulation is fractionally off, it still shows that in terms of gun violence, the single largest contributing factor is street gangs. This is not news; criminologists have been noting it for years.

So why isn’t this problem the priority for politicians? Because they only care about poor people of color at election time. The rest of their term, while they are hobnobbing with wealthy donors and powerful politicos, they are content to let otherwise good but poor people get caught in gang crossfire.

— Gun Facts in Gang Triangulation

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    1. Yep, it’s all them dayum “white supremacists” and “white Hispanics” and “white Asians”, isn’t it? If a black cop shoots a black suspect, is that cop a “white black”??? Enquiring minds want to know.

      I assume you omitted the /sarc/ tag.

  1. That is why we need open borders….flood the USA with law-abiding, God-focused immigrants to overwhelm the criminal gangs and drive them to repentance. /bold-sarc

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