Legislators Tell Biden to Stop the Anti-Gun Export ‘Pause’ Charade

US Department of Commerce

It’s no surprise the Biden administration will go to great lengths to punish and pulverize the lawful and constitutionally protected firearm industry, including the millions of Americans who rely on the industry to exercise their Second Amendment rights. After all, the president started his campaign for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue by deeming the nearly 400,000 Americans who […]

The High Stakes in Mexico’s Zombie Lawsuit Against American Gun Makers

Timothy D. Lytton, Georgia State University The government of Mexico is suing U.S. gun-makers for their role in facilitating cross-border gun trafficking that has supercharged violent crime in Mexico. The lawsuit seeks US$10 billion in damages and a court order to force the companies named in the lawsuit – including Smith & Wesson, Colt, Glock, […]

Gun Facts: The Problem Isn’t the Guns, It’s the Gangs

It may or may not be fair to say that most gunshot wounds are gang related as well. Security camera footage of drive-by shootings where multiple people are injured would lead one to this belief. But, alas, there is no solid way we at the Gun Facts project have yet discovered to triangulate such, and […]