SHOT Show: The New JK Armament GOAT HF High Flow Suppressor

JK Armament GOAT HF High Flow Suppressor

At SHOT Show this year, JK Armament launched their new G.O.A.T. HF 5.56 suppressor. HF stands for high flow, and somehow they’ve not only tweaked their existing JK 155 SBRX design into a high flow suppressor but they’ve done so in a way that improves sound reduction performance.

Like all of JK’s cans, the G.O.A.T. is fully modular, what JK calls Mission Configurable, meaning each and every baffle can be installed or removed as desired by the end user. The same with the end cap and HUB-compatible mounting threads at its base.

I also found out another neat little trick about the G.O.A.T. that’s a bit hush-hush for now…so let’s just say that, while the suppressor is marked and sold as a 5.56 can, it’s actually capable of handling a whole hell of a lot more.

JK Armament’s press release (but with my photos from SHOT Show mixed in) follows . . .

JK Armament GOAT HF High Flow Suppressor

JK G.O.A.T. HF 5.56 Suppressor

Boise, ID (01/18/2024) – The newest suppressor from JK Armament is here! The JK G.O.A.T HF is the most advanced, quietest suppressor we’ve ever made and it’s ready for full auto use on 5.56 NATO with barrels as short as 7.5 inches. As you expect from JK, the G.O.A.T. is Mission Configurable and impressively lightweight. It may just be the greatest of all time!

JK Armament outperformed at the 2023 Silencer Summit, where our .30 caliber JK 155 SBRX brought home a 2nd place finish among stiff competition from all of the top suppressor brands. Building on that impressive result in developing our first .223/5.56 suppressor is how we’ve arrived at the JK G.O.A.T. HF.

All hail the G.O.A.T.

    • Quieter than the class-leading SBRX by a whopping 5 dB when shot on .223/5.56 platforms! 
    • High flow to dramatically reduce backpressure. 
    • Rated for hard use including 5.56 NATO full auto on barrels as short as 7.5 inches. 

It’s no wonder we’ve called it the G.O.A.T.!

Mission Configurable, the JK G.O.A.T. HF can be as compact as 3.3 inches and 4.4 ounces, or as quiet as possible in its full configuration of 7 inches and 13.4 ounces. 

New baffle and front cap designs mean the G.O.A.T. HF is High Flow, reducing blowback, backpressure, and even sound at the shooter’s ear!

A new JK Taper Mount is compatible with even more ASR-spec muzzle devices, and a refined G.O.A.T HF (High Flow) End Cap greatly reduces muzzle signature (especially when paired with a JK Armament War Eagle). 

Manufactured from 17-4 stainless steel and Grade 5 titanium, the G.O.A.T. perfectly balances durability and light weight. It’s the best .223 Rem / 5.56 NATO suppressor available; super quiet, high flow, and ready for hard use!

JK Armament GOAT HF High Flow Suppressor

Each GOAT Includes:

(1) JK 155 PRO XL Taper Mount

(1) JK 155 PRO 2.5” Tube

(1) JK 155 GOAT HD Rifle Baffle

(4) JK 155 GOAT PRO Rifle Baffle

(1) JK 155 PRO G.O.A.T HF (High Flow) End Cap

About JK Armament

JK Armament was established in 2019 in gorgeous southern Idaho near the Snake River. JK’s founder, Jake Kunsky, is a U.S. Army veteran and served as Special Forces Group head armorer. He has over 20 years of machining and weapons experience from the automotive, farming, and firearms industries as well as from his time in the military. Through four combat deployments to Iraq and hands-on experience as head armorer, Jake developed a passion and interest for designing and manufacturing the best firearm suppressors in the world.

JK Armament’s Patent Pending product line is the culmination of Jake’s experience developing products for NEMO Arms, Gemtech Suppressors, Smith & Wesson, and Maxim Defense. His vast experience with suppressor and weapon design, testing, engineering, and machining is why JK Armament products set the bar for the suppressor industry. Nothing else is more Mission Configurable, versatile, and user serviceable, and it’s all backed up by JK Armament’s Unconditional Unlimited Lifetime Warranty.

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