SHOT Show: The MaulAR Lever Gun From Bear Creek Arsenal

Bear Creek Arsenal is known for their budget AR-15s, AR-10s, AR9s, and basically a budget everything in the Armalite rifle world. They’ve done some odd guns and odd calibers, so being odd isn’t too unusual from the brand. However, I would have never predicted that Bear Creek Arsenal would do something as interesting as a […]

SHOT Show: The New JK Armament GOAT HF High Flow Suppressor

At SHOT Show this year, JK Armament launched their new G.O.A.T. HF 5.56 suppressor. HF stands for high flow, and somehow they’ve not only tweaked their existing JK 155 SBRX design into a high flow suppressor but they’ve done so in a way that improves sound reduction performance. Like all of JK’s cans, the G.O.A.T. […]

SHOT Show: Primary Weapon Systems UXR is Modularity Redefined

PWS URX modular rifle

Primary Weapons Systems, or PWS, is well-known for its long-stroke gas piston system AR-15 rifles. But as of SHOT Show 2024, they expanded into a platform of their own design. The new UXR promises to be the most modular, user-friendly rifle ever. I got my first dose of the UXR at range day. A member […]

SHOT Show: Labradar Releases the LX, a Pintsized Radar Chronograph

If you’ve used a traditional chronograph before, you’ve probably shot a traditional chronograph. One that requires that the bullet pass through the chronograph opens up the opportunity for ballistic mistakes, which I’ve made and you’ve made and it’s frustrating and expensive to shoot your own chrony. Labradar changed all that with their consumer-sized and consumer-priced […]