The 20 Gauge Mossberg 590 – A Low Recoil Fighting Shotgun

For years, the 20 gauge has been considered a practical alternative to the 12 gauge, offering lower recoil and substantial power. However, finding a purpose-built tactical or defensive 20 gauge shotgun has been a challenge. While 20 gauge deer and bird guns are plentiful, a dedicated tactical smoothbore has been…elusive. Until now, that is. Mossberg […]

The Smith & Wesson Model 432 UC – The Ultimate Carry Revolver

I’ve never really carried a revolver. There was a time as a young gun owner when I tried to pack a Rossi .357 Magnum with a four-inch barrel in a shoulder holster, but we don’t really need to talk about that. For the longest time, I considered revolvers obsolete, and they likely still are for […]

Gun Review: Beretta 21A Bobcat Micro-Sized Automatic

Beretta 21A Bobcat .25 ACP

Beretta makes a great many famous firearms. Their 92FS became the M9 and served the United States military for decades. The Beretta 1301 is the current cool kid in the shotgun world, and their numerous double guns occupy the hands of working men, aristocrats, and royalty. And let’s not forgget they created the first SMG, […]

Another New Mini Shell Option – Sterling Mini Slugs

Sterling is a Turkish brand that most famously makes shotgun ammo. That’s seemingly appropriate for a country that exports heaps and heaps of shotguns to the US. The Sterling series of ammo has been pretty standard, pretty affordable, and pretty good. I’ve shot my fair share of it and found it to be a very […]

.32 Faceoff – KelTec P32 vs. Smith & Wesson 432 UC

There is only a handful of guns chambered in .32 still being produced. In fact, there are so few that you can probably count them on the fingers of both hands. Taurus makes a .327, Ruger makes a couple, Beretta produces the 30X, and KelTec makes the P32. Not to mention the Seecamp and Seecamp […]

Southern Tactical’s Vz. 61…A Faithful Recreation

I’m a big fan of weird guns and the .32 ACP cartridge. Ever since I was a kid, I have been captured by the appearance of the Vz. 61 Skorpion. I remember it as the Klob in Goldeneye and have seen it in numerous films and TV shows. When I got into guns, I remember […]

The Quest For A .410 Defensive Shotgun – Ammo Tests

I love shotguns. I often write about shotguns, and they’re generally my favorite type of firearms. I like being able to throw eight pellets of 9mm per trigger pull at a threat. I appreciate their versatile design and the fact they can be a powerhouse at typical CONUS ranges. As much as I love shotguns, […]

Gun Review: Savage Renegauge Security – The Tactical Option

The tactical shotgun market has had a nice explosion of new guns and gear aimed at bringing the scattergun back to its former glory. The semi-auto market has seen new and modern entries from Mossberg, Beretta, and now Savage. Savage released the Renegauge years ago as a sporting shotgun. It took them a good bit […]

Gun Review: The Springfield Echelon – My Favorite Handgun of 2023

Springfield Echelon modular 9mm handgun review

In the world that’s full of semi-auto handguns, there seems to be a formula that works. Give it a polymer frame, make it striker-fired, chamber it in 9mm, and use a double-stack magazine. Add a rail and maybe give it an optic cut, and we have the description of basically every duty-sized pistol on the […]

Gun Review: Bersa TPR 380 … The Modern Option

I like Bersa. As far as budget guns go, they make some of the best, in my opinion. The Thunder series is likely their most popular gun series, and I’ve always enjoyed them. They’re very Walther-like without the Walther price tag. Bersa is also not afraid to experiment with the Walther PPK-esque design. They’ve released […]