SHOT Show: Quick Hits From Around the Floor

  It came as no surprise to anyone that the opening day of the 2024 SHOT Show was a busy one. The floor was hopping with activity yesterday and some booths were strictly standing room only. Coming off a slow 2023 where consumer purchasing power took a one-two punch of high interest rates and painful […]

Kahr Arms Releases the X9 Double Stack 9mm

  Kahr Arms dropped their first double stack magazine pistol at SHOT Show 2024 and they did a lot more than just widen the grip frame to accommodate a double stack magazine. The new X9 builds on the previous proven Kahr designs and adds quite a few updates and improvement. The biggest thing is the […]

SHOT Show: The New Blued Colt Python Revolvers

We’ve been big fans of the newly revived lineup of Colt snake guns. They’re beautifully made, very nicely turned out, and just damned good guns. Apparently the nation’s gun buyers have the same opinion as models like the King Cobra and the Python have been hard to come by. Colt’s latest addition to the line […]

Suppressor Mounting Guide for Dummies

On occasion I do a little freelance writing and/or editing work, and the article below is one that I helped create for JK Armament‘s new JK Academy. With firearm suppressor ownership still relatively, let’s say, “unsaturated” among gun owners in general, JK and other manufacturers field a ton of how-to kind of “beginner” questions, and […]

Tactical Picks From SHOT Show Industry Day at The Range

Industry Day at the Range NSSF

  What’s new for 2024? Great question. We dove into the SHOT Show Industry Day At the Range to bring you the skinny on some of the latest guns and gear on the market. I aimed to narrow it down to five but simply couldn’t, so here are my eight favorite new products from Range […]

The Ruger LC Carbine, Now in .45 ACP

If I were to tell you that Ruger was producing a .45 ACP pistol caliber carbine, which platform would you think they’d choose? Naturally, it seems like the PC Carbine would be the choice. However, Ruger went a different route and chose the LC Carbine as its base. Funny enough, the LC Carbine utilized the […]

SAF Sues the .Gov Over Medical Marijuana Gun Ban

  So many long-standing gun control laws are threatened as a result of the Supreme Court’s Bruen ruling that it’s hart to keep track without a score card. One of the most endangered of the species is likely the federal ban on purchasing or owning firearms by marijuana users. The Second Amendment Foundation has taken […]