Tactical Picks From SHOT Show Industry Day at The Range

Industry Day at the Range NSSF
Dan Z. for SNW


What’s new for 2024? Great question. We dove into the SHOT Show Industry Day At the Range to bring you the skinny on some of the latest guns and gear on the market. I aimed to narrow it down to five but simply couldn’t, so here are my eight favorite new products from Range Day 2024.

The Flux Defense P365 Raider

My personal favorite tactical go-to is the P365 Raider. This grip module turns your SIG SAUER P365 into a PDW-style system with a folding stock or brace. Hit a button, and the spring-loaded brace deploys rapidly.

The design incorporates a magazine holder to hold a second magazine with your P365. It’s an awesome system. It’s different, but who doesn’t want to turn their P365 into a PDW for those 50-yard shots? If you get an 80 percent lower FCU you can get the trifecta of ghost gun, brace, and large format pistol.

Carbon Research CR 22 and CR9 Suppressors

Carbon Research is new to me. To put it simply, the company combines carbon fiber and titanium to make the lightest suppressors on the market. Their new models include the CR22, a .22LR suppressor.

There’s also the CR9, which is a 9mm can that can fire up to .300 Blackout. These cans are ultra-light. The CR22 weighs 2.3 ounces, and the CR9 weighs 6.5 ounces. They are both full auto-rated and excellent for all sorts of purposes.

Scope Switch Electric

The Scope Switch was released last year and provided a lever that mounts to the handguard. When you press the lever forward, the magnification increased, and when you moved it rearwards, it decreased.

The Scope Switch Electric uses an electric system to adjust the magnification of your chosen optic. Just press the + button to increase the magnification and the – button to decrease. It’s rechargeable and can be used as a power bank for thermal and night vision optics.


The MAC-5 is an MP5 clone out of Turkey. SDS Imports is importing them to the states at a price point of $1,099. That means the price will likely be less than a grand once they hit stores. The MAC-5 series will come in both standard and K models and come with two mags and a nice hard case design. Who wouldn’t want an MP5 for less than a grand?


The GLOCK 49 is the GLOCK pistol I’ve always wanted. It has the shorter grip of the compact GLOCK 19 with the standard length slide of the full-size GLOCK 17. It’s basically the GLOCK 19X if it made more sense. This GLOCK 9mm handgun gives you superior concealability with the sight radius and ballistic profile of the full-sized gun. It’s the best of both worlds.

KelTec SUB-2000 Gen 3

The KelTec Sub-2000 uses a rotating handguard that allows you to finally mount accessories to the SUB-2000 without the need for a special optic mount. The handguard can rotate right or left, which helps with accessory placement. Beyond a new handguard, the gun features a redesigned receiver with a shell deflector, an aluminum trigger, and a heavy-duty charging handle to reduce recoil. It’s a drastic improvement over the 2nd generation model.

Syndicus Defense Hyperion AKs

I had never heard of Syndicus Defense until Range Day. Syndicus produces high quality AKs that are custom-produced in small batches in various configurations. The Hyperion is what would have happened if the AK had been designed in 2024 rather than 1947. It features M-LOK rails, a truly optic-friendly design, modern muzzle devices, and folding stock. It’s an ultra-smooth shooting AK that scores high on my fun meter.


Primary Weapon System UXR

Last but not least is one of the most modern rifles I’ve ever seen. The Primary Weapon System UXR features an incredibly modular design that allows you to swap between calibers like 5.56 and .308 to more exotic options like the 8.6 Blackout.

The rifle features a modular lower receiver with multiple magazine wells and quick-change barrels. It comes apart quickly and easily, and the end user can change calibers on the fly. It’s smooth shooting, accurate, and tons of fun.

Tactical Is as Tactical Does

Lots of new guns, suppressors, scope accessories, and more resulted in a very successful 2024 Industry Day at the Range. And this is only day one of SHOT 2024. Stay tuned as we keep you updated on the best new firearms, suppressors, and more from SHOT.