SHOT Show: Quick Hits From Around the Floor

SHOT Show floor
Dan Z. for SNW


It came as no surprise to anyone that the opening day of the 2024 SHOT Show was a busy one. The floor was hopping with activity yesterday and some booths were strictly standing room only.

Coming off a slow 2023 where consumer purchasing power took a one-two punch of high interest rates and painful inflation, SHOT Show attendees are clearly eager to put the past behind us hoping for a stronger 2024.

Tom Dunham gave a quick rundown on Traditions’ newest muzzleloader. The NitroFire Pro Series features an adjustable comb and adjustable length of pull. The threaded barrel takes an optional muzzlebreak and Tom, who’s test-fired the new Pro Series out to 250 yards, assures us the break makes a world of difference with recoil reduction making this an extremely shootable muzzleloader.

The NitroFire utilizes the Federal FireStick which means you’ll have to fill out a 4473 to purchase this rifle. You can expect to see these at retail somewhere around the Q2/Q3 timeframe.

We couldn’t pass by the Strikeman booth without trying out their Strikeman Dryfire System and it did not disappoint. Retailing for just $99 before discounts, this package is easy to setup.

Using a laser cartridge that’s available in 18 different calibers and powered by a small watch battery, you safely dry fire at the included target while the downloaded app — for either a smartphone or a tablet — records your shot placement. The app saves your results so you can track your progress.

You can run different drills to enhance you training. A SIRT pistol is scheduled for release in March and will have a very attractive MAP price of just $250. If you’re looking for a little more variety, they offer a Pro version of the Dryfire System for $199.

Michael O’Donnell in the Spyderco booth might have been the hardest working man on the show floor today. We was providing free knife sharpening while you wait. This of course gave us ample opportunity to talk shop and he indulged our questions about the overall knife market as well as blade grind differences. Thanks for taking care of us, Michael.

What’s a trade show without giveaways? Over in the KelTec booth they are giving away one of their new GEN3 SUB2000 semi-auto folding carbines. And honestly, who couldn’t use an optics-ready folding 9mm carbine? Especially a free one.

About 50% of the SHOT Show is made up of business meetings with the other 50% made up “How’ve you been, longtime no see” meetings. Catching up with friends is definitely the official pastime of SHOT Show veterans, and the longer you have been attending SHOT, the more these types of meetings dominate your schedule.

Yamil Sued (left) and Mark Pixler have been going to SHOT for so long they probably met the year John Moses Browning won the ‘Best New Product’ award for his groundbreaking 1911. For the record, neither thought the pistol would amount to anything.

If the main floor is where the big marquis brands exhibit, SHOT Show’s lower level, which feels more like the basement, is where many of the newer, smaller companies can be found. Some think of it as steerage, but make no mistake, there are some real gems to be found downstairs.

One of those is the Cupolster from Vets Tactical. Their vehicle holster fits in the cup holder of your center console. There are two angles of acquisition to choose from and three sizes based on gun size. There’s even one for guns with attached lights.

There are currently eight models to choose from. MSRP ranges from $59.95 to $69.95 and there are two colors available, black and pink (yes pink), with more on the way.


Talk about new, the Vantage Point Compensator, from Vantage Point Armory, was just released on January 1st. Ranging in MSRP from $99 to $150, this unique design attaches to your weapon light, replacing the OEM rails, and then attaches to the rail on your pistol. That’s right, this comp doesn’t attach to the pistol’s barrel.

Vantage Point says they have measured a 30% reduction in recoil. Best of all, it will fit in your gun’s light bearing holster.

They currently offer six SKUs which are light- and pistol-specific. They have one now for the Beretta PX4 Storm, the GLOCK 19 and the 19X. The one for the SIG P320 is on the immediate horizon with several more pistol options to follow.

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