Kahr Arms Releases the X9 Double Stack 9mm


Kahr Arms dropped their first double stack magazine pistol at SHOT Show 2024 and they did a lot more than just widen the grip frame to accommodate a double stack magazine. The new X9 builds on the previous proven Kahr designs and adds quite a few updates and improvement. The biggest thing is the incorporation of a double stacked magazine.

The X9 uses a 10 round magazine, but will also ship with an extended 15 round magazine. Interesting enough, it will also function SIG P320 magazines and Springfield Armory Hellcat magazines, which is nice if you already have magazines for those pistols.

Full specs weren’t available yet but it has a 3.54-inch barrel, and comes optic-ready.

An interesting feature is the quick change front sight. This system will allow you to slip on what is essentially a front sight sleeveĀ  that will pin in place to allow you to properly co-witness your iron sights with different optics. The X9 also has front slide serrations, a reprofiled grip backstrap to allow for a better grip when drawing the pistol, and a new grip texture. It also has an ambidextrous slide release and accessory rail for mounting lights or lasers. The other big change is an improved trigger with a shorter pull and reset.

The X9 feels very good in hand. The new grip texture and reshaped backstrap help lock the pistol into the hand and the controls are all easy to reach. The grip is thin and comfortable, despite the double stack magazine.

I didn’t get a measurement on how thick it is, but it still feels almost like a single stack. The whole design seems very well thought out with solid, functional updates that go well beyond just moving to a double stack magazine.

Holsters will be available from a number of manufacturers and the X9 will also fit many holsters for the SIG P365. The X9 is set to officially launch at the NRA show and be shipping in the summer. The MSRP is $550.

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