Mission First Tactical Making Translucent Magazines in All the Colors

Mission First Tactical translucent magazines

Translucent magazines are getting more popular. Enough so that more companies are getting into the business. Mission First Tactical makes the second company this week.

You can understand the attraction of being able to see how many rounds are left in your magazine, short of having to peep through a tiny witness hold or a small window.

The only question is…are they tough enough? Will they stand up to use and abuse? Mission First Tactical wants you to know that their new MFT Translucent EXD magazines are up to the task . . .

Mission First Tactical (MFT), proudly introduces the new MFT Translucent EXD Magazine line. These new magazines are the toughest, most reliable translucent magazines available on the market today. Designed to perform in the toughest and harshest conditions, the new MFT Translucent Magazines meet the highest demands and are currently deployed with Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. MFT Translucent Magazines are now shipping to a retailer near you. 

Crafted from a military-grade proprietary copolymer construction, these are not your traditional Poly Carb Mags. The new MFT Translucent EXD Magazines are resistant to heat, cold, UV’s, harsh chemicals and drop impact, even in extreme temperatures. The magazines will not crack, become brittle or discolor over time. No lip reinforcement is required. The translucent body allows you to quickly check ammo count and type. 

Compatible with a wide range of AR15/M4 and non-AR15/M4 platforms in .556x45mm caliber. Offered in Clear, Smoke, Yellow, Red and Blue colors. The magazines have a textured finish to reduce shine. Yellow indicates blanks rounds, Red and Blue indicate marking rounds.

Features include:

– Resistant to heat, cold, UV, harsh chemicals, and drop impact
– Military-grade copolymer construction
– Enhanced strength & durability
– Toolless disassembly
– Double floor plate safety release tabs
– USGI spec stainless steel spring
– Four-way, anti-tilt, self-lubricating follower
– Flared floor plate
– Oversized bolt catch
– Paint pen dot matrix

MSRP: $24.99

To learn more about the MFT Translucent EXD Magazine line, and the complete product lineup from Mission First Tactical, please visit Stay connected with the latest updates by following MFT on Facebook and Instagram.

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