Mission First Tactical Making Translucent Magazines in All the Colors

Mission First Tactical translucent magazines

Translucent magazines are getting more popular. Enough so that more companies are getting into the business. Mission First Tactical makes the second company this week. You can understand the attraction of being able to see how many rounds are left in your magazine, short of having to peep through a tiny witness hold or a […]

Texas Man Kills Step-Father in Self-Defense, Cops Show Up 15 Minutes Later

nightstand gun

  When seconds count, police are (usually) just minutes away. So imagine waiting fifteen minutes for a police response after a self-defense shooting. According to police, that’s exactly happened in rural Lampasas County, Texas on Thursday. The evidence shows that a 28-year-old man shot and killed his step-father after the older man showed up with […]

The Taurus Judge Home Defender: This Bull Has Horns

Taurus Judge Home Defender revolver handgun

  I’m not really partial to .410 revolvers. It’s not necessarily the gun, but the user base seems to annoy me more than anything else. I actually think the guns are fun novelties, but in terms of overall effectiveness, they top out with .45 Colt. The .410 aspect is more of a novelty. The Taurus […]

If You Thought Ukraine Was Going to Disarm Its Population After the War, Think Again

Ukraine civilian arms guns

  Citizens of a country where civilian gun ownership has historically been less widespread than in the United States may also be concerned about attempts at disarmament. Weapons distributed by the [Ukraine] government are, theoretically, supposed to be returned when hostilities end. Don’t count on it. “Ukrainians are in no hurry to return their weapons,” […]