Good Gear: B5 Systems AR Furniture

B5 Systems firearm accessories

Back when I was still working with a county level police department I wanted a slimmer handguard for my patrol rifle and one of our SWAT guys recommended B5 Systems. It was what he and a number of other guys on the team ran. And it was just what I wanted. Very slim, but still […]

AR-15 Builds: Tales From the Carry Handle Mafia

When I started shooting AR’s in the 80’s all we had were carry handle uppers. When I went into the Army in 1988, I trained on the M16A1 and that’s what I used in the Army Reserve. Later, when I was in the Air Force Reserve, we used early slick side M16’s, then eventually M16A2’s. […]

Recommended Gear: KAK Industry Mini Milspec AR-15 Buffer Tube

Compact ARs are fun and practical if storage space is an issue, such as if you’re using one as a truck gun. Even if you have a short barrel rifle (SBR), or an AR pistol for that matter, one of the limiting factors has always been the buffer tube sticking out the rear of the […]