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B5 Systems firearm accessories

Back when I was still working with a county level police department I wanted a slimmer handguard for my patrol rifle and one of our SWAT guys recommended B5 Systems. It was what he and a number of other guys on the team ran. And it was just what I wanted. Very slim, but still had heat shields, and mounting points for a sling and a light.

It was Keymod back in those days, but newer versions are all M-LOK. I had a chance to work with the newer version recently, as well as B5 grips and buttstocks, so let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

B5 Systems firearm accessories

B5 Systems

If you aren’t familiar with B5 Systems, they’ve been in the stock game since 2008 and have had a number of their stocks approved for US military use and assigned National Stock Numbers (NSN). Their stocks have been rigorously combat tested, and their latest Bravo buttstock was officially selected for US Army’s Additional Authorized List in May of this year.

B5 Systems is located in Xenia, Ohio and all of their products are US-made and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

B5 Systems firearm accessories

Stocks, Handguards, and Grips, Oh My!

I’ve had that Keymod handguard on my old SIG M400 for years, but recently had a chance to check out the Bravo buttstock, P-Grip 23 and grip plug, M-LOK vertical grip, the newer M-LOK hanguards, and the M-LOK rail covers.

B5 Systems firearm accessories

The B5 Bravo stock is essentially a lighter, more compact, and stronger version of the SOPMOD buttstock. It keeps the SOPMOD cheek weld, quick disconnect sling mount, non-slip  buttpad, and sure grip stock latch, but omits the storage capability of the SOPMOD, making for a slimmer profile.

Basically it’s a bit trimmer and more solid since it lacks the storage compartments and a little less expensive with an MSRP of only $61, as compared to $100 for the SOPMOD. It’s available in Black, FDE, Coyote Brown, OD, Wolf Gray, Woodland Camo, Muliticam and Black Multicam too so you have a ton of options.

B5 Systems firearm accessories

The Bravo stock works with any mil spec carbine extension and is easy to install. It locks up tight with a minimal amount of play or rattle. The cheek weld is very good with a red dot on a riser, and the rubber buttpad sits firmly in your shoulder pocket.

There are two sling slots as well as an anti-rotational QD sling mounting point. A neat feature too is that you can pop the rubber butt pad off and there’s a tool holder cut out for B5’s M4 Multi-Tasker tool.

The Multi-Tasker is machined from bar stock and has a slotted screwdriver, a castle nut spanner, a 1/2″ hex for scope mounts, and a bolt override. It has an MSRP of $24.95 separately and gives you some handy tool options that tuck away unnoticed in the buttstock.

B5 Systems firearm accessories

Moving forward on the rifle we come to the P-Grip 23. The P-Grip 23 has a 13° grip angle for an almost vertical presentation and comes in all of the same colors as the Bravo stock. It has a smooth backstrap and textured panels on the sides and front of the grip, as well as an extended tang.

B5 Systems firearm accessories

They’re compatible with B5’s Grip Plug which is made from a composite material and friction fits into the B5 pistol grips. The plug has slots that will hold two CR123 batteries or will just keep whatever else you want to stuff into the grip in place. The plugs are $10.50 and come in the same colors as the grips, minus the camo options.

B5 Systems firearm accessories

It’s a comfortable grip and I put and FDE version on my Springfield Armory Saint carbine and an OD one on my Frankenstein .22 Magnum pistol. The pistol was cobbled together with a BCA .22 Magnum upper, a PSA lower, a KAK V42 Flash hider and Shockwave Blade Stealth brace. I finished it with Norrells Grayish-Black Colt MolyResin and wanted something to go with the gray. The B5 OD green grip and M-LOK rail covers looked good on it and that nearly vertical grip angle worked well with the pistol brace. the P-Grip’s are only $20.

B5 Systems firearm accessories

Speaking of rail covers, I think I’m in love with the B5 M-LOK Rail Covers. They’re affordable, very easy to install and quite comfortable.

They’re one-piece and made of a soft, rubbery heat- and chemical-resistant polymer. There are no screws or backings to lose or come loose and they install quickly. You basically just push them into the M-LOK slots and the pliable material slips through and then expands back to shape and locks them in place.

They fit securely and don’t don’t move once in place and the soft, ribbed cover provides a very positive grip. They take up three M-LOK slots and are only $18 for a set of 4. They come in Black, FDE, Coyote Brown, OD Green, and Wolf Gray. I used them on the .22 Magnum pistol, on my FDE .350 Legend build, and gave another set to my son’s buddy for use on his Ruger AR that came with a B5 buttstock and grip, but no rail covers.

B5 Systems firearm accessories

Next up was a set of mid length M-LOK handguards. I got mine in FDE to go with the rest of the hardware that I was updating on my Springfield SAINT. They’re similar to my old ones except for the length (my SIG was carbine length) and the update to M-LOK slots. They still have the same trim profile and heat shields.

The handguards are six-sided and have four slots per side so you have a lot of mounting surface for lights, grips, sling swivels, or rails. They also come with a built-on hand stop. Color options are the same as with the grips and rail covers and the MSRP is only $31.00.

B5 Systems firearm accessories

The last thing I had to mess with was the M-LOK Vertical Grip. I got this one in FDE too and it again went on the Springfield. It’s solidly built, like the P-Grip, and comes in the same color options. It easily mounts to any M-LOK slot and was quick to install. It’s a compact 2.8 inches tall and works fine if you grip it like an actual grip, although I tend to use it more has a hand stop to apply pressure to the rear of the gun. MSRP on the vertical grip is $20.00.

B5 Systems firearm accessories

B5 or not B5, That is the Question

We all know there’s an endless variety of AR accessories on the market today, so why pick B5 over the others? Well, if you’re like me and have multiple builds, it’s nice to experiment with what works. I have stock GI set-ups, Magpul set-ups, and Amend 2 set-ups amongst others. It just depends on the build, and what I’m looking for, both functionally and aesthetically.

I will say, though, that B5 Systems makes very solid hardware that’s practically designed and works well. My first experience with them was on my old patrol rifle and I used that set up for years on duty. I still have that rifle configured that way. I used these newer pieces to update my Springfield and build my Franken-Mag pistol and they seem like very good fits for those as well.

It’s nice to know that their stuff is combat-tested and military approved, too. Add in some very reasonable MSRPs and B5 Systems gear is well worth considering for your next build or upgrade.

2 Responses

  1. I have a couple B5 grips. They are somewhat wider and more hand filling than standard ar grips. The texture is semi aggressive but not rip your flesh off sharp.

  2. Great article outlining B5’s AR15 furniture. I have a question about the M-LOK Vertical Grip.
    You wrote that you tend to use it more has a hand stop to apply pressure to the rear of the gun. Why don’t you turn the grip around to have the end of the grip pointed towards the front of the weapon?
    I mounted my B5 foregrip that way and found it allowed me to exert more force to the rear of the gun and reduced the chance of hand slippage if the grip was mounted as your photos suggest. It might appear “less cool” that way but as I learned in the Army, ‘if it looks stupid but works, it isn’t stupid”
    Again, thanks for pointing out B5 Systems as a great AR furniture source!

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