CMMG Release the All New DISSENT Br4 Rifle

CMMG just dropped their latest rifle, the DISSENT Br4. While it’s an AR-based system, this one is a little different in that it uses a lower with a more traditional rifle layout.

The Br4 is similar is style to guns like the Fightlite SCR, the Foxtrot Mike Ranch Rifle, and the SIG MCX Regulator. The fixed stock, lack of a vertical pistol grip or bayonet lug and use of a muzzle brake rather than a flash hider make it 47-state legal while still using detachable mags. Sorry New York, Illinois, and Washington state, you guys are still out of luck.

The core of the Br4 is the lower, which accepts readily available Remington 870 stocks. It comes standard with a Magpul SGA 870 stock installed, although you can swap that out if you like. Aside from the way the stock mounts, the lower has some other differences compared to a traditional AR.

The lower is more streamlined and has a shorter magazine well. It will still take standard AR mags, however. Unlike a regular AR the Br4 uses a cross bolt safety like a Remington 870, which is reversible for left or right-hand use. It also has an oversized bolt catch, and an ambidextrous magazine catch. The DISSENT also uses CMMG’s ZEROED Drop-In Trigger with a 4.5 pound pull weight. 

While the Br4 rifle lower is fully compatible with all CMMG Mk4 compatible DISSENT upper groups, it’s offered in two barrel lengths depending on caliber, 16.1 inches plus muzzle brake, or 14.5 with a pinned and welded muzzle brake to bring the overall barrel length to 16.1 inches.

The upper is a slick-side without forward assist, although it has a brass deflector block and it uses a reversible non-reciprocating charging handle. A full-length M-LOK handguard is standard.

The CMMG DISSENT Br4 will be available in seven calibers including 5.56mm, 300 BLK, 9mm, 22 ARC, 6mm ARC, 6.5 Grendel, and 350 Legend. There are seven Cerakote colors available as well including Armor Black, Sniper Grey, Charcoal Green, Coyote Tan, Midnight Bronze, and Titanium, Tungsten.

MSRP is $1899.95 and it ships with two 10-round magazines.


CMMG says the Br4 is coming soon, so more details will follow. In the meantime check out the video they did going over the features below . . .



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  1. At first I was a bit put off by something being that compliant and leaving one feature too many for NY then I saw the price and remembered with the semi auto license it’s just more logical to build for a while and their decision makes sense.

        1. Fair enough, would cost more than it’s worth to change the furniture to ones liking with that starting cost. Would love to see a stripped lower option but even before building got popular those were largely unobtanioum.

  2. I really like this design. The one caliber I don’t see is 7.62x39mm . I’m definitely buying one when they go full production.

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