SIG SAUER’s New Steel P320-XFIVE SXG Is Fast…Very Fast

SIG calls their new P320-XFIVE SXG heavy metal and that’s not just marketing hype. The SXG is made of solid steel and weights in at a hair under 50 ounces. Yes, 50 ounces. That means it soaks up 9mm recoil and gets you back on target fast.

That’s SIG pro shooter Max Michel. He’s fast. Very fast.

That’s me shooting the SXG and I’m not even in the same zip code as Max in terms of speed and accuracy. But I know enough to tell a fast gun when someone actually puts one in my hands.

SIG’s also updated their ROMEO3 MAX red dot. The new ROMEO 3 MAX PRO is big, ultra-clear and has the cleanest red dot — absolutely zero flare or halo — of any pistol red dot I’ve ever seen.

The P320-XFIVE SXG is hitting stores now and retailing for about $1800. The ROMEO3 MAX PRO will be available with a  3MOA or 6 MOA dot and will sell for the same price as the 3 MAX…between $599 and $699 depending on the version you choose.

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