Nashville Transgender Killer’s Manifesto Is Exactly What Everyone Expected It To Be

Audrey Hale Covenant School killer
Courtesy Metro Nashville Police Department

When Audrey Hale opened fire in a Nashville Christian church elementary school last March she was almost immediately identified as a transgender male. Hale murdered three nine-year-olds and three adults before Nashville police shot and killed her. Speculation about the motive for the shooting centered on her identity and her wish to identify as a male.

Like so many disturbed killers before her, Hale was reported to have written a manifesto before carrying out the school shooting. But unlike, say, Brenton Tarrant, the Christchurch mosque killer in New Zealand or Eliot Rodger, the Santa Barbara killer, Hale’s deranged screed was held back from public view.

Literally no one had any doubts as to why.

Given the increasing pervasiveness of transgender ideology and its promotion in the media and by many in politics, it was clear that the decision has been made that releasing Hale’s screed would reflect badly on the transgender community if it were seen by the public. A few pages were leaked last November certainly bore that out. In that snippet, Hale ranted about wanting to kill “crackers” and “faggots” with their “white privlages” (sic).

Audrey Hale Covenant School killer

Now 80 pages of Hale’s manifesto have finally been released and it’s not surprising at all why officials tried to keep it under wraps.

Transgender killer Audrey Hale wrote about her ‘imaginary penis’ and how she would ‘kill’ to get puberty blockers in the weeks before her horrific attack on the Covenant School in Nashville last year.

The Tennessee Star obtained some four dozen pages of Hale’s writings that shed light on her female-to-male transition and why she shot and killed six people at the elementary school in March 2023.

Hale wrote about anger toward her parents, how she hated her conservative Christian upbringing, and how she had suffered because hormone blockers were not available when she was as a child.

After first stating last year that the manifesto would be released, local police and the FBI then backtracked, claiming that making Hale’s writings public could somehow harm the investigation. Again, no one bought what they were selling. Local media and the families of the victims then fought in court to have it released.

The Star and others have been part of a lawsuit seeking to compel the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) and the FBI to release Hale’s writings.

The FBI reportedly advised the MNPD not to release them and other ‘legacy tokens’ in the wake of mass shootings.

The families of Hale’s victims subsequently stepped in and become part of a public records lawsuit against the city.

They claimed the killer’s estate includes the manifesto and that they therefore own the copyright and can determine whether or not to release it.

The local police, it was revealed, had been urged by the FBI in a letter not to release Hale’s writings that they described as “legacy tokens.”

Addressed to Metro Police Chief John Drake, the memo “strongly discourages” MNPD from releasing “legacy tokens” left by a mass murderer.

The FBI memo explains those who commit mass shootings “often leave behind items to claim credit for the attack and / or articulate the motivation behind it.” The agency “refers to these items as legacy tokens.”

The term “legacy token” appears to be a creation of the FBI. A June 2018 FBI document studying pre-attack behaviors of active shooters defines “legacy tokens” as “a communication prepared by the offender to claim credit for the attack and articulate the motives underlying the shooting.”

That, to put it in layman’s terms, is a load of hot garbage. We’ve never been of the opinion that refusing to publish the name or writings of prominent killers does anything to discourage similarly broken individuals from carrying out similar crimes. And understanding the motivations of these broken individuals is exactly what needs to happen after these tragedies.

Killers like Hale and their deranged rantings need to be exposed and studied, widely and openly. That’s they only way others with similar delusions and pathologies might be identified and potentially stopped before they walk into a grade school and open fire. That the FBI thought, in this case, that doing so would somehow be politically inconvenient is yet another stain on its continually diminishing credibility.

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  1. “Hale wrote about anger toward her parents, and how she hated her conservative Christian upbringing”

    1. Anger towards his parents and he hated his conservative Christian upbringing. There fixed it for you.

      1. Hale was a biological female who decided with her superior intellect that she was supposed to be a male. It is absolutely correct to say “her” parents and “she” hated. ftfy

      2. This is one of the rare cases where the deranged killer was a woman, and in this case was a nutjob desiring to be a man.

        1. “This is one of the rare cases where the deranged killer was a woman,…”

          It’s uncommon, but not that rare, I can think of at least 3 or 4 in the last 10 years or so.

          I honestly hope ever mass-shooter produces a manifesto, the behavioral-science folks would love to figure out what makes them tick…

    2. Audrey Hale was 28 years old and it seems she could have moved out of her parent’s house if she hated them so much.
      Plus at her age she could avoid practicing Christianity and her taking innocent lives is proof of that.

      1. But then how could she be a victim? Personal responsibility is a slippery slope to conservative values.

  2. “Hale ranted about wanting to kill “crackers” and “faggots” with their “white privlages” (sic).”

    Self-hate, since she was white and one of those “faggots”. The cops killing her did her a favor.

    “Transgender killer Audrey Hale wrote about her ‘imaginary penis’ and how she would ‘kill’ to get puberty blockers in the weeks before her horrific attack on the Covenant School in Nashville last year.”

    She had a real penis, capable of the exact same sensations of pleasure, just smaller than a male’s, but fully-equipped with the same number of nerves as a male’s.

    Guys, make your sweetie happy and spend the same amount of time on hers, as she does for yours. I sure wish I could orgasm over and over again in row like they can… 🙂

    1. Geoff stated: “Guys, make your sweetie happy and spend the same amount of time on hers, as she does for yours.”
      Spoken as a true gentleman. Do all you can to make your “sweetie” happy and your joy will overflow.

      1. “Spoken as a true gentleman.”

        That was likely a mistake on my part for saying that, now deb will be all hot-and-bothered to get a proper tongue-lashing from me… (*sigh*)

        (EDIT – I might consider accommodating that request, it might make her less of a mean person…. 😉 )

  3. England and Europe are finally waking up and no longer pushing drugs and surgery (intentional mutilation) on vulnerable kids.

    It’s about damn time. In a decade or so, there will be a massive reckoning on those pushing that evil ideology, by the ones who were mutilated.

    The Leftist Scum ™ are headed for a *massive* push-back, and the don’t see it coming. All those pouring over the border in America are by-and-large dirt-poor people who just want to be American. They are waking up and aligning themselves with us, not them. When they finally figure that out, it’s gonna be hilarious to watch going down. All those plans they had of dominating politics going forward are swirling down the toilet bowl right in front of their eyes, and there’s NOTHING they can do about it… 😉

    1. A few years ago, Texas Children’s Hospital made no secret of its support for tranzgender medicine. Its doctors proudly administered puberty blockers, cross-seck_x hormones, and other medical interventions to children who self-identified as “tranz.”

      Then the tone shifted. In the face of public pressure, CEO Mark Wallace announced that he was shutting down the child gender clinic. But doctors at the hospital, including Richard Ogden Roberts, David Paul, and Kristy Rialon, never stopped.

      The public would not have known if not for a courageous surgeon, Eithan Haim, who felt morally obligated to expose the subterfuge. He contacted me about how the hospital had lied about terminating the tranzgender medicine program, and that doctors were, in fact, continuing to perform seck_x-change procedures on children as young as 11.

      What happened next? The Federal government came down on the whistleblower. Tranzing the kids is everything to the Regime.

      Altered spelling to avoid moderation.

      1. About damn time doctors are following their hearts on that…

  4. “Earlier this week, U.S. marshals appeared at Haim’s home and summoned him to court to face an indictment on four felony counts of violating HIPAA”

    So, just as the conservative justices on the Supreme Court have said, there is no right to privacy?

    Another victory for a big government intrusion into private lives, MAGA!

    1. (For my own part, I can confirm that nothing in the information provided to me identified any individual; all the documents were, in fact, carefully redacted.) Nonetheless, the prosecutor has pressed forward, hoping, at the least, to intimidate other medical professionals who would consider blowing the whistle on the barbarism of “transgender medicine.”

      Of course you’re cheering when the state flexes on the little guy. You live for this. Why is physically messing with children so important to you?

  5. I can only hope that v!ctims of this idiotic leftist fantasy are able to seek compensation from the modern-day derivatives of Josef Mengele and the hospitals that profited from what they did to kids.

  6. The libertarians liberals and the left. The homos.exuals and the atheists. They will all say this person was mentally.

    But just 3 years ago they all said this was just normal thinking. Even going back to the 1970’s. When homosexu.ality was removed from the list of mental illnesses.

    They need to make up their minds.

    Is hom.osexuality a mental illness???

    And if not are they more susceptible to mental illness?

    Is mental illness only for straight people???

    And I have more questions. But latter.

  7. She wanted to kill the little crackers w/ their white privileges. Where does a white girl learn this? It is called DEI training and it is intended to breed hatred. This manifesto shows this and that is why they worked so hard to hide it.

    1. This is the real danger to Western society that people need to learn about. It isn’t fake Russian collusion or the non-existent reincarnation of Hitler. It’s much easier to tear down a society when the people hate it. The ability to burn the American flag is sacred and a wonderful expression of freedom. However, if you leave skid marks on a road painted with the Progressive (Pride) battle flag, then it’s a felony offense.

  8. “That the FBI thought, in this case, that doing so would somehow be politically inconvenient is yet another stain on its continually diminishing non-existent credibility.”

    FIB’s name is mud.

  9. Where do these federal a-holes come up with these terms like “legacy tokens.”? Sounds like they’ve been trading crypto currency.

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