Pro Tip: Don’t Store Your Gun With Your Crack Cocaine in an Unlocked Car

Hunter Biden trial
Hunter Biden outside the courthouse in Wilmington, Delaware (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Prosecutors opened their case against Hunter Biden on Tuesday by repeating the phrase sung widely by Donald Trump’s critics following his guilty verdict last week: “No one is above the law.”

Lead prosecutor Derek Hines chose those words to begin his courtroom address to around 10 a.m., adding, “It doesn’t matter who you are or what your name is.”

The president’s son sat at the defense table as his mother, First Lady Jill Biden, his wife Melissa Cohen Biden, his sister Ashley Biden and a longtime supporter, Hollywood entertainment lawyer Kevin Morris, sat behind him in the gallery.

Hunter Biden faces three felony charges centering on a firearm prosecutors say he bought illegally in 2018. Two those focus on the form he filled out when buying the gun: Prosecutors say he knowingly lied about his drug use and/or addiction when he answered “no” on the form.

Prosecutors plan to show text messages from shortly after that Oct. 12, 2018, purchase, that show Hunter Biden was continuing to use drugs, Hines said in his openings.

In addition to text messages, government will present photos of crack cocaine and paraphernalia taken by Hunter Biden, which was pulled from Apple’s iCloud servers.

Hines told the jury that Hunter Biden kept his revolver in a leather bag, which also contained crack cocaine, and had left the weapon in the center console of an unlocked Ford Raptor truck with the windows down.

FBI officials observed a white powdery substance on the leather bag, believed to be cocaine, during the investigation.

Hines said there is “overwhelming evidence” that Biden was aware of his addiction at the time, including a text message sent just over one month following his firearm purchase in which he calls himself a user and an addict.

— Jackson Healy and Nina Pullano in Hunter Biden previews defense in gun trial opening statement

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  1. “Hines told the jury that Hunter Biden kept his revolver in a leather bag, which also contained crack cocaine, and had left the weapon in the center console of an unlocked Ford Raptor truck with the windows down.”

    Hang on a second, here –

    Was the gun thrown in a dumpster by a ‘female companion’ *another* gun? 😉

  2. Geoff, the incident around the Ford Raptor must have happened before the dumpster dump or or or there was a 2nd gun.

  3. Storing his crack with his gun in his silly meme truck.

    He’s a real classy fellow. If it werent for his last name he’d be living in a single wide and carrying six figure debt at 24% interest hoarding Bud Light cans.

  4. What a family: The old senile big guy showers with his daughter. What (who?) was Jill doing while he was in the shower? Hunter sleeps with his dead brothers wife and keeps his crack (and parmesan cheese) in his gun case with his gun. The bunch of them share millions from various sources that looks a lot like corruption…see contents of the laptop that was suppose to be Russion disinformation for thorough documentation of all the above.

    If all the above looks just fine to you, Gold Bar Menendez would be happy to welcome you to the Democrat Party!

      1. The source is Joe and Jill’s daughter, Ashley Biden, in her own words. She left her diary behind in a halfway house. Why was she in a halfway house? It turns out that she’s an addict too. She was probably trying to work through her addiction issues by confronting her past. There’s a reason Joe’s kids have issues. She mentioned inappropriate showers with her dad, being seckualized* at a very young age, and wondering if she was molested but couldn’t remember it. (*avoiding moderation) BTW, I have a daughter. There is no reason to shower with your daughter. I bathed my daughter, and washed her hair for her until she was old enough to do it herself. I never had to remove my clothes to do that.

        The next occupant of that room found the diary that Ashley left behind. She sold it to a journalist. How do we know it’s authentic? First of all, Ashley admitted to it. Also, the feds raided the journalist’s apartment to retrieve the diary. Then they got that woman to plead guilty to conspiracy to transport stolen property across state lines. Would the feds hunt down my thermos if I left it somewhere, and someone transported it across state lines to sell it? It costs more than a diary. Do you understand now? The Puppet has turned the feds into a modern day Stasi. They don’t work for the American public. They work for Democrats.

        Link to diary:

        P.S. Now we have both Hunter and Ashley leaving behind evidence of Joe’s wrongdoing. Was that by chance? Or was that a cry for help? Sometimes people are relieved when the truth gets out. Secrets become a burden.

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