Let’s Hope Nicholas Orr’s ‘Blood Trail’ Isn’t as Accurate as It Appears to Be

Nicholas Orr Blood Trail


FBI Fears A Coordinated Attack On US Homeland: Understanding The Threat Landscape

DHS warns counties of international adversaries

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Lawmakers probe DHS, FBI over Quantico ‘possible terrorist attack’ involving 2 Jordanian nationals and a box truck

DHS Warns of Increasing Attacks on ERP Systems

Emergency services a likely target for cyberattacks, warns DHS


Those are actual recent headlines and, sadly, they no longer only sound like the basis of a Hollywood thriller or a best-selling novel. Maybe that’s why the latest book from Nicholas Orr, Blood Trail, hits so hard.

Orr is known for his stories of operators’ exploits as well as his guide to ‘crushing the coming societal breakdown.” But it’s no cliche to describe much of the plot of Blood Trail as being ripped from today’s headlines.

We follow an experienced Colombian FARC strike team as they blend in with the never-ending river of humanity that’s been flowing north across America’s open southern border for the last three and a half years.

During their journey, the experienced soldiers notice what looks to be another small team of Middle Easterners who stand out from the usual stream of individual military-aged men, families and other assorted illegals making their way into America unabated.

As you might expect, neither the Colombians or what is later revealed to be Syrians are making the trip to enjoy American freedom, opportunity, apple pie or Chevrolet.

North of the border we’re also introduced to a group of Texans — mostly former military types — who can read the headlines as well as we can. Despite reluctant leadership in their church, they take it upon themselves to organize a security team to keep worshippers safe.

When the terrorist cells get the go-ahead from their faceless handlers, attacking targets that include utilities and infrastructure, the experienced Americans do what they can, recruiting their friends to ensure the security of their neighborhoods as law enforcement is overwhelmed.

As the ending will make clear, there’s much more to this story to come. But if a quick read that will both entertain and infuriate you (based on what’s been all-too-clear in the real world for years now), Blood Trail is a good read.




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