Rep. Kelly Armstrong: Bryan Malinowski is Dead Because ATF Wanted to Make a Political Statement

I think we need to just take a step back here and recognize if this was anything else other than ATF and firearms, people would be apoplectic about how…this warrant was set up. But because it involves something that has a political reason…there’s a person dead. Somebody is dead because the ATF decided to execute a warrant in the most unprofessional, irresponsible and dangerous way. 

And I think that often times law enforcement have a very difficult job. The number one concern is the safety of the officer. But the reality of this is this was executed for reasons that make no procedural sense. They make no safety sense. And somebody is dead because they decided they wanted to go into a house at 1:00 a.m. of a known gun owner for the purpose of making…I can’t think of anything else other than making a political statement.

— North Dakota Congressman Kelly Armstrong

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    1. That right there should be grounds for a life sentence for any LE, federal, state, or local who turns off their body cam…

  1. “if this was anything else other than ATF and firearms, people would be apoplectic”

    Nope. All you have to do is wonder what the reaction would be if Bryan Malinowski was black. The same people that cheer criminal justice reform, as in going easy on criminals, absolutely love it when the state flexes against non-violent, apparent Republicans. Trump classified document retrieval vs Puppet classified document retrieval, compare and contrast. Democrat vs Republican contempt of Congress, compare and contrast.

  2. More known now: ATF (hit squad) cut power to Bryan Malinowski’s house (to make it easier to murder him).

    Basically: Whats known so far, the ATF did not identify them self as law enforcement or announce they had a warrant and the Malinowski’s were not able to identify them as law enforcement in the darkened house …. basically and actually the ATF hit squad conducted an actual ‘criminal home invasion’ and Bryan acted to defend family and home against criminals. All the Malinowski’s saw was a bunch of unidentifiable armed people breaking into their home in the dark.

    1. Remember, as we are learning with Mar-a-lago, all federal warrants come with “use of deadly force authorized”.

      For the ATF, this appears to be interpreted as “use of deadly force is required”.

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