Rep. Kelly Armstrong: Bryan Malinowski is Dead Because ATF Wanted to Make a Political Statement

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“Somebody is dead because the ATF decided to execute a warrant in the most unprofessional, irresponsible, and dangerous way.” 🎥 : @RepArmstrongND underscores the reckless actions by Biden’s ATF that needlessly took the life of Bryan Malinowski. — Weaponization Committee (@Weaponization) May 22, 2024 I think we need to just take a step back […]

It Looks Like No One at ATF Will Be Held Accountable for the Killing of Bryan Malinowki

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It appears no one will be held criminally accountable for ATF’s botched March 19 raid, during which 53-year-old Little Rock airport executive Bryan Malinowski was shot and killed in his own home. The post-shooting investigation is as flawed as ATF’s choice of tactics, which caused the killing.  Whenever a law enforcement officer kills someone, two […]