Mangum Research’s New SwitchBolt Takedown .22LR Rifle – NRAAM [VIDEO]

One of the coolest things we saw at NRAAM was the latest version of Magnum Research’s SwitchBolt rimfire rifle. Magnum Research may not be the first name to come to mind when the topic is rimfire rifles, but their line of Magnum Lite and Switchbolts have excellent feature sets.

The standard .22LR SwitchBolt rifle weighs only 4ΒΌ pounds and has a carbon fiber threaded barrel with a Hogue overmolded stock. As you’d expect, the SwitchBolt’s charging handle can be swapped to either side and yes, it takes 10/22 magazines, a very good thing.

Kahr’s John Howard showed us how easily the new SwitchBolt takedown rifle’s barrel is removed and stows in the stock. The stock then folds underneath for a very compact package.

He didn’t have a price point for the new gun yet, but standard Switchbolts retail for around $700 so you can guestimate from there. The new rifle should hit stores the fall and we can’t wait to get our hands on one.

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  1. Interesting, but at a price roughly double other companies offerings…

    1. Will be interesting to see size and weight comparisons as well as the typical accuracy/reliability/durability or quality of construction evaluations but yeah that is the cost of a screaming cheap NY AR15.

  2. Nice rifle. Already have a Tac-Sol Backpacker so no interest, but good to see some competition.

  3. great innovation. would be nice to get this under 4 pounds, however. the marlin papoose (discontinued) weighs 3.5 pounds and that’s better for this type of rifle. same for the henry ar-7. at this price point and weight id probably just get a ruger 10/22 breakdown.

  4. I like the idea. Would like to get one in my hands. Would also very much like to see this in a 22mag!

  5. Looks great,hopefully it will be as good as it looks.I would like to see it in a magnum 22 cal. I hope to see other calibers also.

  6. Inflation to high to buy toys that you already have. Would be more interesting if it were the price of a regular 22lr rifle. Under $400 and probably have a buyers

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