Henderson: ‘I Can’t Afford to Wait on the Police, so I Armed Myself’

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(AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

“I’m not telling people to go out and start spraying [bullets], that’s not what I’m telling people to do but we also have to be realistic about what we are up against,” [Keisha] Henderson said. 

Safety concerns and what she says is a lack of action from the city is why she became a licensed gun owner last year.

“My protection comes first and so does my kids’. I cant afford to wait on OPD to arrive and I can’t afford to be on 911 call line for 10-15, 20-30 minutes when you have two to three individuals possibly with guns in their hands,” Henderson said. …

“We are not out there trying to make Rambos and Ramboettes, we don’t want people walking around looking like Blade. Protect your family, protect your wellbeing and if need be, protect one another,” Smith said.

Last week, city officials announced overall crime dropped by 33% from last year this time, but Henderson doesn’t believe that’s true. 

For her, safety goes beyond being armed and falls on holding elected officials accountable.

“The power is in the hands of the community, we as a community, we as the voters, and the tax payers we are the majority not the minority,” Henderson said.

— Velena Jones in Oakland Woman Joins Bay Area Gun Club in Effort to Keep Herself, Family Safe

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